ezBike’s Battery Swap Stations Across Twin Cities

In exciting news for eco-friendly transportation, ezBike has introduced a revolutionary Battery Swap Station Network in Pakistan, along with its latest electric scooter, the Electron.

Let’s talk about the star of the show, the Electron. Priced at Rs. 225,000, it’s a budget-friendly electric scooter that doesn’t compromise on cutting-edge features. With a top speed of 65 kph and a range of 75 kilometers, it’s perfect for city dwellers looking for an efficient and sustainable way to get around.

Now, let’s dive into the specs. The Electron runs on a 2000-watt motor and a LiFePo4 battery, and it comes with a home charger that can fully recharge the scooter in just 2 hours – great for busy people. The 10-inch tubeless tires provide a smooth and stable ride, and the regenerative anti-lock braking system adds an extra layer of safety.

What sets ezBike apart is its Battery Swap Station Network. This user-friendly system lets Electron users easily swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones at 40 locations across the twin cities. Just use the ezSwap app to find the nearest station, swap your battery, and you’re good to go. It’s a quick and seamless process, making sustainable transportation more accessible.

This initiative is a big step towards eco-friendly mobility in Pakistan, helping to reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional fuel-powered vehicles. In conclusion, ezBike is making waves in the electric mobility scene in Pakistan, bringing us closer to a sustainable and accessible future.