From Test Drives to Home Charging: The Scoop on SERES 3

Regal Motors recently offered test drives, and a driver shared their thoughts on the Seres 3. Described as an “economical, silent, and environmentally friendly car with the excitement of instant torque,” the EV can reach a speed of 100 km/h from a standstill in just 9 seconds.

With the increasing costs of fuel, both carmakers and consumers are turning their attention to electric cars. Regal Automobile (DFSK) is ready to introduce the SERES 3 Electric Vehicle (EV) in Pakistan, and it will be assembled locally. Initially, reports mentioned the launch of two EVs, and one of them is confirmed to be the Seres 3.

The manufacturers claim an impressive 400 km range under ideal conditions with a fully charged 50 kWh battery. A test driver mentioned that the Seres 3 was fully charged at home from 30% by 6 AM, having been plugged in at 11 PM the previous night.

On the other hand, the locally assembled Seres 3 is priced at Rs. 9,599,000. The booking fee is Rs. 3,000,000, and it is expected to be delivered in March 2024.

Regal Motors plans to launch both Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and Completely Built Unit (CBU) units, each having a different price. The Seres 3 CBU will be priced at Rs. 11,799,000, with a booking fee of Rs. 5,000,000, and it will be delivered in three months.

The advantage of charging at home eliminates the need to search for a charging station, especially for city dwellers. However, the exact launch date for this EV in Pakistan remains unclear. While initially expected in mid-October as of the September reports, specific details are still awaited.