Ian Able, Managing Director of Isuzu UK, said, “The Isuzu D-Max BEV (Electric) represents a new era for pick-up trucks, combining the legendary toughness of the D-Max with electric technology. We are proud to work with a manufacturer committed to creating a carbon-neutral future and announce this innovative vehicle to the UK market, providing our customers with an environmentally friendly option without compromising on performance or reliability.”

The Japanese automaker plans to launch this commercial pick-up in Europe next year, reaching the UK, Australia, and other markets depending upon the demands and charging infrastructure. This pick-up promises a comfortable and vibration-free drive on rough terrains as well as within city commutes to deliver all the commercial and passenger expectations.

Here are a few more details about the upcoming workhorse: Power and Payload This new all-electric pick-up truck will have a 66.9kWh lithium-ion battery that will be capable of producing 130kW. Featuring two electric motors in the front and rear axle, all-wheel drive, and will provide a top speed of 81mph. Isuzu hasn’t mentioned its driving range yet, but it will feature a payload capacity of 1 ton and a towing capacity of 3.5 tons, which is practical but lesser than its boasting diesel variant.

Launching an electric truck with striking tow capacity and payload figures is a huge step Isuzu has taken to boost up the electric scene in the commercial market.

The prototype of the upcoming Isuzu D-Max electric gets minor but pronounced renders on the exterior, majorly indicating its BEV technology. The new front grille has become bolder and larger, with blue accents on both sides. It also features six-spoke alloy wheels, while the overall body styling is the same as its diesel counterpart, enforcing an aerodynamic appeal.