Hyundai Motor of South Korea has introduced the ‘Made Cooler By Hyundai’ campaign in Lahore, targeting local drivers battling summer heat and high energy costs. The initiative involves applying Nano Cooling Film, a groundbreaking transparent film, to over 70 Hyundai vehicles in the city.

Nano Cooling Film offers a unique solution by blocking solar heat and radiating infrared rays from the vehicle’s interior to the outside. This innovation maximizes heat dissipation through a nanostructure designed for excellent heat transfer. Notably, Lahore was chosen as the launch market due to restrictions on tinted film application for security reasons.

The campaign addresses the challenges faced by drivers in Lahore, where temperatures can soar above 50°C, leading to excessive energy consumption from air conditioning. Nano Cooling Film, while complying with local regulations, can lower interior temperatures by more than 10°C without compromising visibility. Hyundai has promoted the campaign extensively through local media and influencers, featuring exclusive ‘Made Cooler By Hyundai’ stickers on vehicles with the film installed.

Compared to traditional tint films, Nano Cooling Film excels in blocking heat while maintaining transparency and visibility. Its three-layer composition selectively blocks or emits specific wavelengths of solar heat. The outer layer radiates heat from the vehicle’s interior, while the inner layers reflect incoming heat, reducing the overall heat entering the vehicle. Hyundai aims to leverage data from the pilot campaign to ensure quality and eventually scale up production of the film.