Chery’s Omoda & Jaecoo (O&J) sub-brands are making waves as the fastest-growing automobile brands globally. At the ongoing 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Shawn Xu, the global CEO of O&J, proudly declared their expansion as unparalleled in the industry. In less than a year since its launch, O&J has penetrated over 40 promising markets, boasting 873 dealer networks, a remarkable feat for any new entrant.

The success story of Omoda & Jaecoo extends beyond market presence. Their sales figures speak volumes about their rapid growth. Within just months, they surpassed milestones, selling 100,000 units globally in their first year, an achievement unmatched in the industry’s history.

Chery’s strategic restructuring into sub-divisions – Chery, Exeed, and Omoda & Jaecoo – underscores its commitment to targeted growth. This move facilitates tailored approaches for different markets, ensuring maximum impact.

Moreover, O&J’s commitment to localization is evident in its “In somewhere, For somewhere” philosophy. Recently, a milestone was achieved with the inauguration of their assembly plant in Spain, marking the first-ever European production facility by a Chinese automaker. This initiative not only strengthens local ties but also boosts globalization efforts.

Despite challenges in the Pakistani market, where economic uncertainties and government restrictions led to the closure of an assembly plant, Chery and its brands continue to soar globally. The hurdles faced in Pakistan haven’t dampened the meteoric rise of Chery, exemplified by O&J’s remarkable journey.