Nio made headlines with the introduction of the 150-kWh semi-solid-state battery during the highly anticipated ET7 sedan launch at the Nio Day 2020 event on January 9, 2021. Sourcing its cells from local startup Beijing WeLion New Energy Technology, Nio began receiving the innovative 360 Wh/kg lithium battery cells on June 30, 2023. Despite its groundbreaking technology, the 150-kWh battery pack comes at a premium cost, akin to Nio’s ET5 model, as revealed by Nio’s co-founder and president Qin Lihong in February 2023.

In a recent update, Nio’s founder, chairman, and CEO William Li shared insights on April 8, hinting at the imminent launch of the 150-kWh battery pack. Notably, Li demonstrated the battery’s prowess during a range challenge on December 18, 2023, where an ET7 clocked an impressive 1,044 kilometers, leaving 36 kilometers of CLTC range to spare. Subsequently, Nio conducted further tests this month, showcasing the ET7’s capabilities with the 150-kWh battery on various routes, achieving distances of 1,070 kilometers, 1,062 kilometers, and 1,046 kilometers, respectively.

Exciting news awaits Nio enthusiasts as trial operations of the 150-kWh battery pack are slated between May 1-31, exclusively through Nio Destination, the brand’s car rental service. The trial period will see the battery pack randomly available across different models and cities, offering customers renting a Nio vehicle for three days or more during this period an opportunity to experience the enhanced battery.

Understanding the significance of battery options, Nio offers a flexible upgradeable daily rental program, ensuring users don’t incur exorbitant costs for occasional long-distance travel. For those opting for the 150-kWh battery pack, the base price stands at RMB 150 ($21) per day for the initial seven days, and RMB 100 per day thereafter for the 100-kWh model. Lucky renters who secure a model equipped with the 150-kWh battery won’t face additional charges, enhancing the appeal of the ultra-long-range option.

Nio aims to democratize access to its cutting-edge battery technology, acknowledging that the 70/75kWh packs suffice for most users’ daily needs. However, recognizing the demand for extended range options, the brand ensures the 150-kWh battery pack’s strategic distribution to optimize utilization while allowing more users to experience its benefits. As China braces for the Labor Day holiday from May 1-5, Nio anticipates heightened travel activity, underscoring the relevance of its versatile battery offerings.