In a recent announcement, Changan, one of the leading automakers, has joined the trend of significant price reductions sweeping through the domestic auto market. Effective from May 4, 2024, the company has revised its prices to make its vehicles more accessible to consumers.

According to the notification released by the company, the price of the Oshan X7 Comfort has been reduced by Rs 250,000, bringing it down to PKR 79.99 lac. Similarly, the flagship Future Sense variant sees a substantial price cut of Rs 400,000, now retailing at PKR 85.49 lac.

This move by Changan comes amidst a wave of price reductions in the Pakistani auto market, with other automakers expected to follow suit. While such occurrences are uncommon in the local auto industry, this initiative is poised to greatly benefit consumers and could potentially stimulate car sales in the country, which have been struggling.

The price reduction tsunami initiated by Changan signifies a positive shift in the dynamics of the auto market, providing consumers with more affordable options and potentially revitalizing the industry.