Zeekr conducted a parking face-off, testing its auto parking system against human drivers. The Zeekr 007 maneuvered into a 2060 mm wide mechanical parking space, common in Asia for vertical car stacking systems. These spaces pose challenges with their slopes and wheel channels, with the Zeekr 007 being 1900 mm wide.

The test resulted in a resounding win for Zeekr’s auto parking system, though a human driver claimed the fastest time. Despite the lack of full details on participants and attempts, the automatic system boasted a 100% success rate versus 66.7% for human drivers.

One common complaint is the slow speed of such systems. While the human driver achieved the fastest single time, the car’s average time outperformed, with its fastest time at 31.75 seconds compared to the human’s 51.75 seconds, and the slowest human time at 2 minutes 40.57 seconds versus just 1 minute 13.50 seconds for the Zeekr 007. Moreover, the car completed sub-minute times on 15 attempts, while humans managed this only 6 times.

The car outpaced drivers in two-thirds of attempts, particularly excelling in centering within the space, achieved in every car attempt but only 38% of human attempts.

Zeekr’s system handles various parking scenarios efficiently, averaging 36 seconds per task. The system, part of the OS 6.1 rollout for the Zeekr 007, includes automatic parking assistance for mechanical parking spaces, utilizing Zeekr’s fisheye bird’s eye view system to navigate slopes, columns, and chains.

The Zeekr 007, available since December 2023, offers models priced from 209,900 to 299,900 yuan (29,050-41,500 USD).