The Moto Morini X-Cape SE, an upgraded version of the bike, is now available for US customers. Offering a lower-priced alternative to adventure bikes from Japanese or European factories, it comes kitted-out for adventure straight from the factory, with no need to source the essentials yourself. For riders ready to hit the road, the X-Cape SE comes equipped with an easily detachable 3-piece set of lightweight, durable aluminum luggage, providing ample storage space for essentials. Features such as a larger skid plate, engine wrap drop bars, and strong composite handguards offer added protection and comfort no matter the terrain.

So basically, it’s the “GSA” of the Moto Morini lineup. The rest of the bike is what we’ve seen before, with eight-valve liquid-cooled parallel twin that should make around 60 horsepower and 41 pound-feet of torque. It’s a very modern machine, with 7-inch TFT screen, rally-style bodywork, LED headlights, and switchable Bosch ABS. Brakes are from Brembo, the X-Cape comes with an adjustable 50mm Marzocchi fork and a shock from KYB. Tubeless Akront wheels (19-inch front, 17-inch rear) with Pirelli tires.

The photos show a set of hard bags as well as off-road armor. As per the PR, here’s what you’re getting. The standard X-Cape model weighs 469 pounds dry; add another 30 pounds for fuel/oil, plus whatever you think all this added-on equipment weighs. The MSRP is $9,799, about $1,500 more than the price tag the base model debuted with last year (leftover 2023 models are being cleared out at $6,999).