Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) is preparing to introduce its flagship electric vehicle line, Deepal (consisting of the S07 SUV and L07 Sedan), to the Pakistani market in the near future, as per insider sources. As part of the extensive Vast Ocean Plan, Changan, the parent corporation, has revealed three separate EV brands – Avatr, Deepal, and Nevo – tailored to different consumer demographics.

While the company remains tight-lipped about the specifics, a high-ranking official hinted at the imminent debut of an EV from MCML. MCML’s Director Sales and Marketing, Syed Shabbiruddin, disclosed to Business Recorder that the introduction of one of these pure electric vehicle brands is on the horizon for Pakistan.

Insiders reveal that MCML is in the final stages of introducing the Deepal S07, a mid-size crossover SUV, and Deepal L07, a Fast-back sports Sedan, developed by Deepal, Changan’s electric vehicle subsidiary, since 2023. This initiative aligns with Changan’s collaboration with Huawei and CATL to pioneer an EV-first platform.

Shabbiruddin expressed bullishness regarding the potential of EVs, citing factors such as the burgeoning demand driven by a youthful population and the decreasing cost of EV batteries, projected to plummet below $99/kWh by 2027. However, he acknowledged the hurdles confronting EVs in Pakistan, including restrictive policies and low profit margins at charging stations.

To overcome these challenges, Shabbiruddin proposed recalibrating EV classifications based on battery size to incentivize all types of pure EVs, fostering local employment and spurring adoption. He also advocated for relaxed financing norms, interest rate subsidies, and augmented margins for charging stations.

Moreover, he underscored the necessity of public awareness campaigns on EV battery handling and storage. In a bid to facilitate widespread EV adoption, Shabbiruddin outlined plans to equip all Changan electric vehicles with home chargers, ensuring carbon-neutral operations for homes fitted with solar panels. Looking ahead, Changan aims to bolster the entire EV value chain, including nationwide charging infrastructure setup, in the subsequent phases of its initiative.