All  things in the world has both aspects  “negative as well as positive” now most of people must be thinking what’s this first line and what’s its connection with water cars? so I am telling you there is a great relationship between this line and water cars that will be clear with every passing word.

Is it possible to run cars on water??

If your answer is NO; it is not possible to run car on water because u didn’t see any with water engine than you are living in the world where you only hear and know that governments and other people want you to know.

Has any one built water car??

Yes this incident happens four or five years ago when a scientist in Pakistan built a kit that enabled car to run on water and his name was “Agha Waqar”. In real he was not a scientist or engineer but a car mechanic and only because of this reason no one was able to accept if he made such water kit for car. One well known scientist of Pakistan who won 4 civil awards was trying his best to prove Agha Waqar wrong but as all of you know who achieve something with struggle never steps back that what “Agha Waqar” did. There is a famous reality base TV program named sar-e-aam where “Agha Waqar, Civil Award winner Scientist and another scientist who was trying to achieve this for long time invited together to validate if “Agha Waqar” was right about its water kit? Is that kit really enables cars to run on water?  but on the decided day the well known civil award winner scientist didn’t appear on the program to save his Name but other scientist and “Agha Waqar” were present their, finally he (Agha Waqar) proved in a live program in front of world and other scientist who later congratulate him too that car can be run on water. After this incident another young boy in India also claimed to run car on water but like Agha waqar there were many challenges to him.

What were the Challenges??

As told by “Agha Waqar” In Sar-e-aam program that he received threats from unknown people who asked him to avoid his experiment and leave his invention otherwise he and his family will be killed. Even though a well known politician who was in government at that time named Khurshied Shah Built his trust that he will surely help him but later Khurshied shah left  by giving an interview in which he said that I wasn’t aware that this is such dangerous  world issue and I can’t help him anymore.

Who are those who don’t want cars to run on water??

This is the answer of title question and clearance to the first line which says everything has good and bad aspects. How it is bad?  There are many countries in the world who’s economy based/run on Oil for example Saudi Arabia a well known oil producer in world, Iran another supplier, Iraq that is now under America’s control; so how can these countries let cars run on water and if there happen anything like this their whole economy can drown. These three countries are not only problem but the super power is also against it because America has already stored so much oil plus taken control over Iraq and has now become another oil supplier in the world. Now I hope you have found your answer why there are no water cars on roads, now the last and most important question.

Where did inventors of water car go??

As all of us know very well what happen to those who try to do something against super power and other countries economy, they just disappear or can be said taken by agencies of other countries and we all never hear anything about them again.

This is the reason there are no cars on roads that use water as fuel.

Car Run Using Water

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