Few years ago information technology and automobiles were two different industries, these two Giants were working separately on their own way and there were no fear of being overwhelmed. In recent two or three years their started a competition all because of automobiles that are adapting IT more than any other field. Automobile industry started to develop their own system especially soft ware’s to make their vehicles more flexible and human friendly. Here are some important News related to IT in Automobiles.

This development in Automobiles industry rise fears to the giants of Silicon Valley and in return of which their come reaction by three giants Google, Apple & Facebook. They made a plan to join Auto industry by developing autonomous vehicles and now here started a clash of industries. Pressure from Silicon Valley is not easy to adhere that is why auto companies started to unveil conceptual autonomous vehicles at different auto shows. A one recent  news about Toyota that also join this race by unveiling a concept of self driving store on wheels e-palette, during which Akoi Toyoda said that they are “pushing themselves” to compete with pressure coming from silicon valley. So Doubt is clear now both industries are under fear of being overwhelmed & we just have to see which one of the industry will beat other as automobile industry have all experience of developing vehicles where IT industry have experience  of developing autonomous/artificial intelligent systems. This all is matter of next two or three years after which we will found if autonomous crown will go to Auto industry or Silicon Giants.