Are you lover of SUV’s or large Suv’s than you will surely love this concept of ultimate travelling machine by BMW. This is Awesome from every aspect; large, bold, boxy vehicle has large space inside that is being covered using 3 rows of seats with capacity of 7 persons. According to BMW they have core expertise in 4 door sedans but they are not as good in large SUV’s game so they just want to  become more prominent in this division. This SUV has displayed under new “I” division of BMW that is going to present many other BMW future cars. Exterior and interior of vehicle is just out of the world it feels more like a space ship than a car. Here are some of its interior and exterior photos.


This Conceptual X7 I-performance is expected to have Plug-in hybrid engine with gasoline & diesel options with 2 different configurations 3.0 V6 or 4.0 V8.  Here is its small walk around video that you will like for sure.

BMW X7 I performance Concept Review & walk around

YouTube video