For the future world every company is contributing its best & for auto industry they are working to give best electric vehicles that may serve humanity in a better and less harmful way. By keeping this in mind Renault revealed a concept vehicle “electric GT Trezor” a 2 person vehicle full of great technology & styling. This sensational vehicle has sensational design with innovation of autonomous driving. Exterior of vehicle has some fascinating characteristics that define its uniqueness specifically its red windows & metal paint on its body. This conceptual vehicle has astonishing body made up of carbon fiber that isn’t best for sporty design but also for strong structure.

Unlike other vehicles Renault Trezor concept has different air inlets that look fantastic in the shape of honeycomb. Interior of vehicle is being covered using high quality materials made up of leather and wood that surely pay tribute to craftsman’s those designed & built it. This vehicle will have 260 KW engine that will produce 350 horse power with 380 Nm torque, according to company this vehicle will accelerate 0-100 in less than 4 seconds. There are no details by company if how long it will take to get this vehicle into production but expectations are for next 5-6 years. Here are some of its detailed photos and Walk around video.

Renault Trezor Concept Vehicle Walk Around

YouTube video