Nissan is a well known expert for SUV’s production and now company is making plan for future of SUV’s that is expressed by displaying a new concept vehicle at Detroit Motor show 2018.This new vehicle has given name “Xmotion” where body of this conceptual Xmotion vehicle is full of new technologies that have been added to meet future needs or requirements of customers. First technology on the exterior of Nissan Xmotion is finger print scanner that let drivers to enter inside vehicle after validating their identity and the good thing about it there will be no need of key fob. As face recognition technology also introduced in some vehicles by other brands but it is still in testing phases and requires lot of work to become fully functional tech without any bugs. According to company this conceptual SUV shows long history of Nissan in the field of Crossovers & SUV’s production.

One thing that is different with this vehicle is the way it is designed from interior because its interior is fully inspired by the traditions of japan, more precisely if we say that japan traditions are blended in technology than it may not be wrong, even the interior of vehicle has extensive use of wood as done in japense houses. There are six seats in vehicle where 3rd row seats can be use for children’s & pets that’s obviously makes this a family car. There are no manual gugages, buttons or separate infotainment screen because it has long vertical screen made up of five different screens where every screen will give different information related to vehicle. Another set of screens also present, one in center console and other on Xmotion roof, all these screens will use multiple interaction ways like gesture, voice & eyes. There will be no side mirrors but cameras as we have seen in many new concepts vehicle of other companies, more this vehicle will have driving assistant but there are no details about autonomous driving and engine.