A company of India does understand the changing trends of world and have all required experience to become a competitor of biggest brands on the globe. Company proved that its vehicles are valuable and right according to modern needs by displaying Racemo a sport EV concept at Indian Auto show 2018. It was first displayed at Geneva Auto show 2017 with turbo boosted engine but now it is an EV that has 150KW electric motor with lithium ion battery pack, on a single charge this Racemo can cover distance of 350 kilometers while using its 1.2 liter engine and 190 horse power.

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This is a Rear wheel drive vehicle that has six speed AMT transmission operated using paddle shifter from right behind the steering wheel. Design of vehicle is quite adorable and competitive among other modern vehicles of famous brands, to make its body strong and light weight there has been applied multi material sandwich structure called Moflex where stiff foam is being injected between two skins. Front of vehicle has bold grill that represent Tata family while rear of vehicle is much similar to BMW i8. No expensive material used on vehicle that is surely done to reduce its price for adjusting it in Indian markets. It is just a concept now but in future it will beatify the Indian roads. No launch date or production date is given by company; let’s hope to see this soon.