Revolution is everywhere, every big company or business firm finding new ways to deliver their best services & products to human’s, even companies from different working areas have come together to help each other flourish and earn profits. From last two years fully autonomous vehicle became a new way of success for big companies of the world, as self driving vehicle is not a new concept now where many companies are already working on it & even some of them have achieved & able to made self driving vehicles but again fully autonomous vehicle still not achieved that is why every big automaker trying to do so like Tesla and BMW. During last two years there were no details about Toyota company  related to autonomous vehicle but Recently Toyota also showed its interest by unveiling a self driving store on wheels concept, yes Toyota always amaze other vendors with different ideas.

This new concept vehicle will use for different services like ecommerce, medical & riding. This concept vehicle of Toyota has given name of e-palette where box shaped e-palette vehicle will surely revolutionize busy human lives. According to Toyota this vehicle will shown at upcoming Olympics while collaborating with other companies from different areas some of them are uber, Pizza Hut & Amazon. Here question arises if why Toyota comes out to show its interest in Autonomous vehicles? We had already wrote about giants of information technology that are also interested in this business so does president of Toyota company Akio Toyoda mentioned that they start working because lot of pressure coming from silicon valley where google, Apple & facebook also thinking  to manufacture autonomous vehicles.  We have to see if this vehicle will able to join production phase or not?,  Autonomous vehicles are now in hot news let’s wait & see if which company will build fully autonomous vehicle first.