Automotive industry is competing head to head with the giants of Silicon Valley in the field of information technology; automakers are adapting every single technology to make their vehicles more safe and secure. In the year of 2017 Apple Company introduced face recognition technology in its new Smartphone iphone X and Now Company Gentex that manufactures rear view mirrors & camera based driver assistance system for vehicles has planned to introduced IRIS scanning in vehicles. As fingerprint scanning & face recognition already introduced in vehicles but IRIS scanning will be more secure, easy to use & reliable. What if you just need a glance toward your car and it recognizes you without use of any key or even hands but for now gentex has made plan to use rear view mirror to scan iris after sitting inside.  This technology will surely make vehicles more secure from theft as it will give access to drive & other components of vehicle only after scanning rider’s IRIS, for this Gentex has partnered with “fingerprints” a company that has expertise in biometric identifications. This iris scanning is the most efficient method for identifying person where chances for incorrect identification are 1 in 10 million. This technology in cars will work using cloud databases & personal database of vehicle. Let’s wait and see if how many car makers will show their interest in this technology & how long it will take to become next improved security system for vehicles.