Automobile industry is now among profitable industries in the world where many new and small automobile manufacturers expanding their businesses toward top markets in the world. Another automobile manufacturing group GAC (Guanzhou automobile China) that was working under trumpchi name plate within china Debuted one of its new SUV concept name Enverge at Detroit Auto Show 2018 with Plan to start expanding towards US markets for 2019. This new vehicle unveiled by GAC at Detroit is fully electric and according to company it will travel 370 miles on single charge all because of 71 kilo watt hour battery pack. This new vehicle have same conceptual design as Displayed by many other brands like small cameras instead of mirrors, Butterfly doors and most importantly full digital dashboard display. According to company they will attend national automobile dealer’s convention in March to find new dealers for expanding their network. In the beginning GAC planned to compete against SUV’s including Hyundai Santa fee & Toyota Highlander by introducing GS8 crossovers in US markets. This GS8 expected to have turbo charged four cylinders engine with six speed automatic transmission. No other vehicles has been announced by company yet let wait and see what other plans GAC have for US markets and if GAC will able to full fill safety standards. Keep visiting for new updates.