Mc-laren is planning to repeat history full of success in the world of racing cars that is why Mc-Laren brought back one of the legendary name Senna. According to company this hyper car will have mid range configurations with 4.0 liter twin trubo v8 engine that will able to produce 800 horse power & 590 pound feet of torque. Heart of the vehicle will be placed into carbon fiber body that is much lighter with 2644 pound weight only. According to history of this vehicle senna won all three farmoula 1 drivers championships, now the expectations are this vehicle will have high speed more than 250 miles per hour where this will be under 3 seconds for reaching 0-60 miles per hour. Design of vehicle made to produce more down force & aerodynamics specifically to reach its maximum potential. This is a fully sport’s purpose vehicle as there is not much storage space inside where rear accommodation area is enough only for placing 2 helmets & racing suits. Aerodynamics of vehicle is more like 720 S with removal of UN necessary weight that is why inside the vehicle dashboard, wheel, doors & paddle shifter also composed of carbon fiber material. According to company this hyper car Senna for 2019 is 400 pounds lighter than estimated p1 mass. All controls inside the vehicle has been moved to single place inside a touch screen where start button of vehicle is given above the head just like jet plane. Here are some of the great photos of MC-Laren Seena for 2019 to give you better overview of the vehicle.

Mc-laren for 2019 Revelation video & photos