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Review 2024
Benelli 502C Pakistan

2024 Benelli 502C

  • Sold in Pakistan = 2021-Present
  • Engine Technology = 500 cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine with modern fuel injection and electronic control systems (Euro-IV)

Benelli 502C Price in Pakistan

Benelli 502c 19,500,00/- PKR

Benelli motorcycles have carved a prominent niche in the realm of sports bikes worldwide, and this popularity has transcended borders, resonating deeply with motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan. Their diverse lineup encompasses the Leoncino, Naked, Adventure, and Classic categories, captivating riders with a range of choices that suit their preferences. A standout in their collection, the Benelli 502c, emerges as a remarkable naked bike boasting a robust 500cc engine. This powerhouse delivers a seamless blend of power and torque, masterfully tailored for urban commutes and exhilarating highway escapades. The allure of the 502C lies not only in its dynamic performance but also in its distinctive design language. Sporting an alluring cruiser-style aesthetic, the bike exudes a laid-back, low-slung profile, ensuring a harmonious synergy between rider and pillion for journeys marked by comfort.

Underpinning its performance prowess is a steel trellis frame that stands as a testament to stability and rigidity, vital for a confident ride. The 502C further champions riding comfort with a front inverted telescopic fork and rear mono-shock suspension system, which collectively orchestrate a velvety-smooth and controlled journey. When it comes to safety, the 502C leaves no stone unturned. Equipped with dual front disc brakes and a singular rear disc brake, the motorcycle wields substantial stopping power, instilling confidence in the rider’s ability to bring the bike to a secure halt. The amalgamation of style and functionality continues with the inclusion of striking alloy wheels, resplendent with a contemporary design. Wrapped in dependable tubeless tires, the bike maneuvers adeptly, delivering exceptional grip and handling across diverse road terrains.

A glimpse into the cockpit reveals a modern, brilliantly illuminated digital instrument cluster, serving as a conduit of crucial information to the rider. This interface showcases essential data such as speed, gear position, fuel levels, and trip metrics, nurturing a symbiotic relationship between rider and machine. Luminosity takes center stage with the Benelli 502C, where LED lighting reigns supreme, gracing the bike’s entirety, from its piercing LED headlights to its expressive taillights and turn signals. This not only enhances visibility but also champions energy efficiency, harmonizing practicality with style. The symphony of comfort reaches its crescendo with the cruiser-style seating arrangement, complemented by expansive handlebars and forward-set footpegs. This choreographed ensemble ensures that every ride is a serene and enjoyable expedition, tailored to those who relish long jaunts as much as spirited spins. In the landscape of motorcycling, the Benelli 502C emerges as a harmonious fusion of power, design, and comfort, captivating riders with an invitation to traverse roads less traveled.

Benelli 502c Cruiser Motorcycle title image
Benelli 502c Cruiser Motorcycle title image

Engine, Power & Performance:

The heart of the Benelli 502C beats with a 500cc electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine, benefiting from liquid cooling and twin cylinders. This powerhouse commands attention as it unleashes 35 kW of power at 8500 RPM and 46 Nm of torque at 6000 RPM. Such prowess bestows the 502C with a commendable acceleration, a feature not commonly associated with cruisers. This enables riders to seamlessly merge into bustling traffic and adeptly navigate the intricacies of urban riding. While embracing its cruiser identity, the Benelli 502C refuses to be confined by conventional norms. The horizon beckons as it attains a top speed ranging between 160 km/h and 180 km/h (approximately 100 mph to 112 mph). Yet, this velocity is influenced by variables such as the rider’s weight, road surface nuances, and the formidable force of wind resistance.

The 502C’s design ethos harmoniously fuses comfort and stability, creating an oasis of tranquility on highways and expansive roads. Though it may not replicate the agile handling of a sportbike, it radiates an aura of comfort and joy that is uniquely its own. Its appetite for comfort slightly eclipses its quest for astronomical fuel efficiency, yet within its class, the Benelli 502C remains a judicious consumer of fuel. Its efficiency can fluctuate based on riding styles and environmental conditions, yet it generously offers a commendable mileage for its 500cc stature, achieving approximately 25 kilometers per liter. Its fuel tank, holding a voluminous 21 liters, extends the intervals between refueling. The 502C’s sinuous, low-slung design marries seamlessly with its robust steel trellis frame, thus orchestrating equilibrium in weight distribution. This symphony of balance crystallizes into an enchanting stability, particularly evident during its harmonious symphonies of highway cruising and marathon journeys. Even as it dances with higher speeds, its poise remains unshaken, a testament to its cruiser DNA.

Surprisingly nimble for its kind, the 502C sweeps through lower speeds and bustling city streets with aplomb. Its steering retorts with predictability and precision, endowing the rider with confidence in urban settings and gentle curves alike. In essence, the Benelli 502C wears its cruiser mantle with finesse while embracing the spirit of dynamic exploration. The Benelli 502C showcases a front suspension system distinguished by its inverted telescopic fork configuration. This design departure amplifies both rigidity and damping capabilities, a notable leap from conventional telescopic forks. This augmentation translates to heightened stability and refined handling, enriching the riding experience with unwavering confidence.

Benelli 502c Cruiser Motorcycle full side view
Benelli 502c Cruiser Motorcycle full side view

Complementing this engineering finesse is the 502C’s rear suspension, boasting a mono-shock absorber. This thoughtful design empowers riders with the ability to effortlessly customize preload settings. This adaptability proves invaluable, allowing the suspension to harmonize effortlessly with diverse riding terrains and varying rider weights. Diving into the realm of braking prowess, the 502C emerges equipped with dual front disc brakes. This dual configuration redefines braking efficacy, outshining single-disc setups by delivering amplified stopping power. Furthermore, this design’s knack for dissipating heat during braking activities ensures a consistent and controlled performance. The rear wheel, too, bears its share of braking responsibility, featuring a single disc brake. This cohesive partnership of front and rear braking systems synergizes to fortify the overall braking capabilities and stability of the motorcycle.

Nurturing this prowess is the utilization of a hydraulic brake system. This system harnesses the prowess of brake fluid, adeptly channeling force from the brake lever or pedal to the brake calipers. The ensuing cascade compels brake pads to embrace the discs, masterfully curbing the motorcycle’s velocity and orchestrating a seamless deceleration. The symphony of advanced engineering and adept design harmonizes in the Benelli 502C, culminating in a balletic interplay of suspension finesse and braking precision.

Fuel Economy:

On average, you might expect the Benelli 502C to achieve a fuel economy (mileage) of around 30-40 miles per gallon (MPG), which translates to approximately 12.7-17 kilometers per liter (KPL) of fuel. Please note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on a variety of factors, including riding style, road conditions, maintenance, and more.

Exterior Design & Build Quality:

Exemplifying the essence of a cruiser motorcycle, the Benelli 502C is a masterclass in embracing the time-honored cruiser ethos. Its design encapsulates the iconic cruiser aesthetic, characterized by a low-slung, laid-back profile that beckons riders to embark on unhurried journeys through city streets or open highways. The relaxed riding position, a hallmark of cruisers, is a testament to its commitment to rider comfort during extensive voyages. Draped in sleek, flowing lines, the 502C exudes a contemporary elegance that seamlessly harmonizes with its timeless charm. LED lighting graces its facade, encompassing LED headlights, taillights, and turn signals, ensuring heightened visibility and safety for both rider and fellow road travelers.

Elevating its allure, tasteful chrome accents adorning elements like the exhaust pipes and handlebars bestow an understated opulence, enriching the cruiser’s visual tapestry. Encompassing both form and function, the spacious, cushioned seat assures a cloud-like respite for rider and pillion during marathon sojourns. Coupled with forward-set footpegs and expansive handlebars, the ergonomics promote a posture conducive to serene exploration. An embodiment of contemporary design, the 502C gracefully glides on stylish alloy wheels, orchestrating an elegant dance between aesthetics and performance. The angular fuel tank design introduces a dash of sportiness while generously accommodating the wanderlust of extended expeditions. The cockpit’s modern digital instrument cluster emerges as a wellspring of crucial insights. Displaying vital data such as speed, gear position, fuel levels, and trip metrics, it becomes the compass guiding the rider through each twist and turn.

Expertly threading the needle between classic cruiser elements and contemporary flair, the Benelli 502C exudes a harmonious duality that evokes both nostalgia and modernity. Employing components sourced from esteemed suppliers, the 502C stands as a beacon of reliability and durability, with its brakes, suspension, and electrical systems steadfastly delivering a commendable on-road performance. This commitment to quality extends beyond the mechanical realm, weaving seamlessly into its ergonomic design. The amalgamation of a comfortable seat, thoughtfully positioned handlebars, and footpegs culminate in an all-encompassing riding experience that leaves an indelible mark on every journey. The Benelli 502C is not just a cruiser; it’s an emblem of refined elegance that invites riders to embark on voyages as remarkable as the machine itself.

Pros & Cons:


  • Diverse Lineup and Popularity: Benelli motorcycles have garnered a global reputation, particularly in the realm of sports bikes. Their popularity extends to Pakistan, resonating with motorcycle enthusiasts across borders.
  • Comprehensive Range: The Benelli lineup encompasses a wide array of categories, such as Leoncino, Naked, Adventure, and Classic, offering riders a diverse range of choices that cater to their individual preferences.
  • 502C’s Power and Torque: The standout model, the Benelli 502C, boasts a robust 500cc engine that seamlessly blends power and torque. This delivers a dynamic performance suitable for both city commuting and exhilarating highway rides.
  • Comfortable Cruiser Aesthetic: The 502C’s design embraces the classic cruiser aesthetic, featuring a low-slung, laid-back profile. This design prioritizes rider comfort during extended journeys and provides a relaxed riding posture.
  • Stability and Handling: The motorcycle’s steel trellis frame, front inverted telescopic fork, and rear mono-shock suspension ensure a smooth and controlled ride. This setup enhances stability and handling, contributing to a confident and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Effective Braking System: The dual front disc brakes and single rear disc brake, along with the hydraulic brake system, offer substantial stopping power and controlled braking performance. This ensures safety and confidence while riding.
  • LED Lighting and Modern Instrument Cluster: The incorporation of LED lighting elements enhances visibility, while the modern digital instrument cluster provides essential information to the rider, fostering a symbiotic relationship between rider and machine.


  • Limited Sportbike Focus: While Benelli excels in the sports bike category, its models might not match the sporty handling and agility of dedicated sportbikes.
  • Fuel Efficiency Trade-Off: The cruiser design of the 502C prioritizes comfort over high fuel efficiency. While relatively fuel-efficient for its class, it might not deliver the same fuel-saving advantages as smaller, more efficient motorcycles.
  • Subjective Styling: The cruiser design, while comfortable and elegant, might not appeal to riders seeking a more aggressive or modern aesthetic.
  • Potential Wind Resistance: The cruiser-style design, while comfortable for many riders, might subject the bike to more wind resistance at higher speeds compared to more aerodynamic sportbikes.
  • Handling at High Speeds: While stable, the cruiser DNA might result in handling that is less responsive and nimble at very high speeds or during aggressive cornering.
  • Maintenance and Reliability: While Benelli has improved its reputation over the years, some riders might still have concerns about long-term reliability and the availability of spare parts and service in certain regions.


The Benelli 502C emerges as a captivating embodiment of power, design, and comfort, extending an invitation to riders to embark on journeys both serene and spirited. Its robust 500cc engine delivers a seamless blend of power and torque, making urban commutes and highway escapades a joyous affair. Embracing a distinctive cruiser-style aesthetic, the 502C’s low-slung profile ensures a harmonious rider-pillion synergy for comfort on extended voyages. The fusion of stability and comfort is orchestrated by a steel trellis frame, inverted telescopic fork, and rear mono-shock suspension. Safety is paramount with dual front disc brakes, while the symphony of style and functionality continues with striking alloy wheels and LED lighting. The modern digital instrument cluster fosters rider-machine symbiosis. Ultimately, the Benelli 502C is a masterful fusion of classic cruiser elements and contemporary design, inviting riders to traverse uncharted roads with elegance and confidence.

Major Competitors:

The Benelli 502C faces competition from various manufacturers offering cruiser-style motorcycles with similar engine sizes and features. Some of its major competitors include:

  • Harley-Davidson Street 500/750: Harley-Davidson’s Street series, including the Street 500 and Street 750, offers cruiser-style motorcycles with similar engine capacities. They are known for their classic cruiser design, iconic branding, and a rich heritage in the cruiser segment.
  • Kawasaki Vulcan S: The Kawasaki Vulcan S is a cruiser motorcycle with a 650cc engine. It features a unique adjustable ergonomic design, allowing riders to customize the riding position. It offers a modern yet distinctive cruiser look with Kawasaki’s engineering and reliability.
  • Honda Rebel 500: Honda’s Rebel 500 is a popular option in the cruiser category. It features a 471cc engine and a modern aesthetic, appealing to riders looking for a combination of style and performance.
  • Suzuki Boulevard S40: The Suzuki Boulevard S40 is a lightweight cruiser with a 650cc engine. It has a more traditional cruiser appearance and is known for its simplicity, making it a suitable option for riders seeking a straightforward cruiser experience.
  • Yamaha Bolt: The Yamaha Bolt is a cruiser motorcycle with a 942cc engine. It offers a minimalist design with a focus on customization, attracting riders who enjoy personalizing their bikes.
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650: The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is a retro-styled cruiser with a 650cc parallel-twin engine. It offers a classic design and a nostalgic riding experience, appealing to riders who appreciate vintage aesthetics.

These competitors offer diverse options in the cruiser segment, each with its own unique features, design, and riding experience. Potential buyers of the Benelli 502C might consider these alternatives based on their individual preferences and priorities in terms of style, performance, and brand reputation.

Dimension (Lxwxh) 2280 x 940 x 1140 mm
Engine In line 2 cylinders, 4-stroke, liquid cooled , 4 valves for cylinder double overhead camshaft
Displacement 500 cc
Clutch Multidisc Wet Clutch
Transmission 6-speed
Horsepower 47.5 HP @ 8500.0 RPM
Torque 46.0 Nm @ 5000.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke 69 x 66.8 mm
Compression Ratio 11.5:1
Petrol Capacity 21L
Fuel Average 25.0 KM/L
Starting Electric
Top Speed 160 KM/H
Dry Weight 217KG
Frame Trestle steel tubes and plates
Ground Clearance 170mm
Wheel Size 17 in
Tyre at Back 160 – 60
Tyre at Front 120 – 120



Upside down telescopic fork




Telescopic coil spring oil damped




Dual discs









Tubular steel trellis



















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