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Honda CG 125 Deluxe Pakistan

 Honda CG 125 Deluxe

  • Sold in Pakistan = 2013-2018
  • Status = Discontinued
  • Honda CG 125 Deluxe Last Price in Pakistan in 2018: 129,500 PKR

The Honda Deluxe was launched in 2006 by Honda Atlas, and since then, it has been one of the most popular bikes in the Pakistani automobile market and has won best-seller points. It is popular among the young generation because of its attractive appearance and sporty sound. The price of the Honda Deluxe is not so high, so it has been more popular among the public. It gives you exceptional performance all over the country, whether it is a short-route journey or a long-route journey. The 5-speed manual transmission makes your ride more thrilling, and the hydraulic brakes make the braking system efficient. It brought many new changes: the Euro II technology, attractive fuel tank, newly designed, comfortable seat, and tachometer. It is one of the best bikes for long-route travelers and those looking forward to an adventurous trip. Now getting to the question, why did the Honda Deluxe CG125 fail in Pakistan, even after its huge popularity? The answer is that the Honda Deluxe CG125 targeted urban customers, and the Honda CG125 got a new variant called Honda Deluxe CG125. The urban audience loved the Deluxe, but the rural audience rejected it because they didn’t like the plastic mudguards, plastic front visors, and rear cowling, which didn’t look appealing. The features like good suspension, 18-inches wheels, and disc brakes didn’t matter much. Lastly, the sound of the Honda Deluxe CG125 was also changed, which was a bad move, and it decreased its sales. All these factors contribute to a decrease in sales of the Honda CG125 Deluxe, and unfortunately, Atlas Honda had to pull the plug, giving a sad end to Honda CG 125 Deluxe. The old and used conditioned bikes are available at various dealers in Pakistan, and you can buy Honda Deluxe in good condition from there.

Honda Deluxe 125 Motor Bike title image
Honda Deluxe 125 Motor Bike title image

Performance & Drive:

The Honda Deluxe 125 latest model has a 4-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine with a displacement of 124cc, and it generates 9 Nm of torque at 7500 RPM and 11.0 hp of horsepower at 8500 RPM. It comes with kick-start technology and turns the bike on easily. It gives you an overall good performance, and you will love to ride it. One of the best features is its best-controlled brakes that ensure you have a good road grip even when stopping the bike. The 136 millimeters ground clearance of the bike absorbs shocks on bumpy roads and gives a smooth ride. The 5-gear transmission works efficiently, makes your everyday rides perfect, and delivers more power on low RPM.

Mileage and top speed:

The Honda Deluxe 125 comes with Euro II technology with air suction valves, and this system makes Honda Deluxe a fuel-efficient bike. It gives you an average mileage of 45 kilometers per liter and offers a top speed of 120-130 kilometers per hour.

Exterior Design & Build Quality:

The Honda Deluxe has a length of 2032 millimeters, a width of 758 millimeters, and a height of 1097 millimeters. It has a dry weight of 112 kilograms and is available in black and red colors. It has an attractive design and comes with a black-wrapped silencer with silver multiplies that look aesthetic. The tachometer comes with a fuel gauge that not only looks attractive but also shows the leftover fuel in your tank. The seat design is stylish and comfortable for long-route journeys, and the aerodynamic cowl increases the style statement of the bike. It comes with 18-inches wheels that look stunning and give it a sporty appearance. The seat height is 765 millimeters and is comfortable enough so you can enjoy long journeys. The seat height is enough so you can ride the bike comfortably and rest your feet on the ground at traffic signals. The tires are durable and give a good grip on the roads for a safe ride, and the design on the fuel tank has attractive graphics that attract customers’ eyes. The speedometer has a stylish design and circular dials with clear images.

User Reviews:

The Honda Deluxe is a nice bike to ride, and one of the best things loved by all customers is its fuel average and height of the bike (that makes it feel like you are sitting on a horse). Everyone loves Honda Deluxe’s style and comfort, but some people complain about plastic, giving it a cheap look. The build quality of the Honda Deluxe is good, and it does not show major issues, but if the bike gets wrong, it can be repaired easily, and the spare parts are available widely all across the country. It has a sale value of more than Yamaha YBR. The top speed of the Honda Deluxe 125 is not very appealing to some customers.

Price PKR 129,500 (Last price in 2018)
Dimension (Lxwxh) 2032 x 758 x 1097 mm
Engine 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Displacement 124 cc
Clutch Wet Type Multi-Plate
Transmission 5-speed
Horsepower 11.0 HP @ 8500.0 RPM
Torque 9.0 Nm @ 7500.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke 56.5 x 49.5 mm
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Starting Kick start
Top Speed 100 KM/H
Petrol Capacity 12 L
Fuel Average 45.0 KM/L
Dry Weight 112 KG
Frame Diamond Type Steel
Ground Clearance 136 mm
Wheel Size 18 in
Tyre at Back 3.00 – 18
Tyre at Front 2.75 – 18

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