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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R ABS USA

The Ninja ZX-14R ABS keeps on filling in as Kawasaki’s non-H2 Ninja lead as we head into the 2019 model year. Basically unaltered since this time when it hit showroom floors in ’12, the “14R” brings very nearly a liter and a portion of four-cylinder super sport-magic to its presentation the ride-quality and safety systems you’ll have to monitor it. Beyond a shadow of a doubt; this is a genuine ride implied for professional riders.

Engine and economy:

The thumping heart is as yet the work of art here with its four-cylinder, fluid cooled structure that packs in power of 1,441 cc. Bore and stroke measure out at 84 mm and 65 mm, and keeping in mind that the “resting” pressure proportion is quite high at 12.3-to-1, yet the fashioned cylinders are kept cool by an oil fly that washes the underside of the crown to draw off warmth. Double over-head cams time the 16-valve head, and this most up to date form highlights cams with higher lift. Kawi fitted 44 mm Mikuni throttle bodies to control the acceleration with its Dual Throttle Valve innovation which smooths out gears and balances execution. Peak power rangers at 207.9 horses that moves through clutch and a six-speed transmission before it rushes to the back wheel through an O-ring chain drive. The 14R bursts out something like 189 mph within 9.7 second. It’s a demonically quick bicycle.  It has a fuel tank of 22 L and a claimed mileage of 12 Kmpl.

Handling and weight:

Let’s take its frame for example, it is monocoque that uses the aluminum body boards as a focused on skin to finish the structure, sort of like the Piaggio bike. Rake measures in at 23 degrees from the vertical with 3.7 inches of trail for some extremely agile handling.  It is equipped with two power levels and a three-mode Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC) system that can easily be turned on or off with switches. The lightweight aluminum structure of the 14R handle like a littler machine disregarding its 593.1 pound weight.


Chassis and suspension:

Transformed forks glide the front on the 43 mm inward fork tubes with 4.6 inches of distance and the full pack of modifications. Out on the back side there is  a Uni-Trak monoshock conveys the trifecta also with 4.9 inches of movement and a movable ride-tallness include that will give you a tad of additional adaptability. Balanced, 17-inch cast-amalgam edges shake a 120/70 in advance pursued by a 190/50, and obviously, the loops accompany a “ZR” rating so they can take whatever you can hand out.


Double, 310 mm circles and four-pot Brembo stays moderate the front wheel, and a 250 mm plate and twin-cylinder caliper to slow the back with ABS assurance all around, not so much not at all like the H2’s fasteners. I’m a little astonished that the antilock don’t appear to be switchable, however I get it’s more secure to leave them on, considering the exhibition envelope of this specific Ninja. Indeed, even the brake lines are off the first rate with a plaited spotless sleeve that conveys exact weight and input, and spiral mount ace cylinders and calipers for sure.


The instrument board shakes a couple of simple tickers with power outage appearances flanked with splendid bezels to show speed and rpm. A LCD screen shows its measurements against an illuminated face, or you can turn the tables and keep running with a power outage face behind light lettering.


The seat rides at a distance  31.5 inches off the ground with a thin form where it joins the tank, however it rapidly flares out with a sufficient vertical balance  to keep your butt where it need to be. Same as the front signals, the back blinkers are fitted into the tail in order to limit drag, and the taillight and tag holder ride perfectly high and tight to the tail and out of danger. A back fairing snaps on over the pillion cushion to give the 14R a performance look on the off chance that you so want, however if you want to bring a friend along just flip out the sub frame-mount foot pegs.

Price and competitors:

 The 2019 model is available in a Metallic Spark Black/Pearl Meteor Gray/Emerald Blazed Green color scheme at $14,999 USD.  The 14R makes a dandy competitor for Suzuki’s super sport; the Hayabusa.

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