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Kawasaki W800 Street and Café USA

2019 Kawasaki W800 Street and Café

The W800 can follow its DNA back to the W1 650 in the 1965, which was the main  four-stroke crafted in  Japan, and by and by Kawasaki remain consistent with the spirit of the model and haven’t pursued of with power and handling, rather keeping an air-cooled and one of a kind incline gear-driven cam motor.

Power and torque:

The 773cc twin remains air-cooled and holds its one of a kind bevel gear-driven Camtho engine has been enhanced with new cylinders however stays like the classic unit , A2-consistent, 47bhp cresting at 6000rpm and Torque: 46.39lb-ft and 62.9Nm @ 4800rpm.

Engine & gearbox:

The W800 could barely be predicted as fast with just 47bhp. Its moderate revving and practically torpid however impeccable coordinates the bicycle’s casual feels. Basically backing up with one gear will result in enough punch to deal with tough overtakes securely.

Kawasaki’s new W800 is easy and simple to ride, its levelled torque bend and exact fuelling enabling you to easily switch gear at any rpm, even as low as 2000rpm. Once into fifth, your left foot winds up repetitive as the W800 will cheerfully pull from anyplace.

The newly introduced clutch is only one-finger light and highlights a back torque constraining program, stopping the back wheel lock-up on forceful downshifts. The five-speed gearbox is smooth, and easy.

2019 Kawasaki W800 Economy:

Fuel tank limit has expanded up to 15l in limit. Low revving motor efficiency is amazing, between 55-60mpg, which gives a sensible tank scope of, 180 or more miles.


2019 Kawasaki W800 Street and Café Front View
2019 Kawasaki W800 Street and Café Front View

2019 Kawasaki W800 Street and Café Side View
2019 Kawasaki W800 Street and Café Side View

2019 Kawasaki W800 Street and Café Multi Side View
2019 Kawasaki W800 Street and Café Multi Side View

2019 Kawasaki W800 Street and Café Seat & Rear
2019 Kawasaki W800 Street and Café Seat & Rear

Handling & suspension:

The suspension has been updated to improve controlling reaction and give the W800 a sportier advantage. The steel two fold support case is all new, with thicker cylinders to improve solidness, while the non-movable forks have additionally expanded in breadth, up from 39mm to 41mm.

The drive and handling of is simple and lethargic, while the wide bars enable you to have a ton of fun in the curves, and you can toss the Street around no sweat. On the open street the Café feels increasingly vigorous. The forceful, riding position urges you to ride somewhat snappier and holds the rev more, seasoned on by a charismatic exhaust. At speed it doesn’t feel as steady and, with more bodyweight over the front, the forks don’t feel as extravagant either; however this might be because of the extra speed. In spite of pushing the rider’s weight ahead Kawasaki didn’t switch the suspension set-up between the Café and the Street.

2019 Kawasaki W800 Brakes:

The back drum brake has been swapped with a most updated disc while the front disc improves in width from 300mm to 320mm. With an entire four-fingered methodology the stoppers convey a compensating chomp, and the back brake is a major advancement from the old drum thing and ABS are as standard.

Comfort over distance and touring:

The W800’s nice and easy handling best matches the laidback position and ride of the Street. The new W800 is especially similar to the classic one, yet with present day innovation, brakes and dependability.

The test course endured a wide range of streets and climate, and the standard Dunlop K300 shockingly adapted to every last bit of it. At high speeds it’s a little constantly vibrant, for the most part through the pegs, and there is no mpg, range or rigging position data on the dash. It’s not as normal as the Street and a bit firm around town, yet not as awkward as some comparatively styled bicycles.

2019 Kawasaki W800 Price:

For 2019 there are two variations to look over from. The £8399 Street or the pricier £9099 Café they’re keeping pace with the challenge with its rivals. In the accessories there is a flawless little gets rail or rack, motor bars in addition to corrective knickknacks like a chrome oil channel spread, throttle body covers and heated grips. Overall the pricing for Kawasaki W800 is fair.

2019 Kawasaki W800 verdict:

The bike is stunning looking and has immaculate fuelling. The exhaust has a charming tone, the specifying is dazzling and there’s a sentiment of genuine quality all through that seemingly legitimizes its top notch cost.

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