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Kawasaki ZX-10RR United States

Kawasaki ZX-10RR 2019

Because of their mastery lately, the WSB coordinators have imposed rev-limit punishments on them. In reaction, and to maintain their position at the top, Kawasaki have increased their homologation exceptional ZX-10RR’s rev limit by an upgraded head and titanium conrods.

Engine, gearbox and exhaust:

In the new ZX-10RR beholds a  four stroke, liquid cooled, inline four, 998cc engine which siphons out 197 hp of intensity and 83.3 lb-ft of torque.  The assistance of smash air input, the power can be knock up to 204 hp too. In any case, riders can set their favoured power conveyance modes. The RR with an all over quick shifter as standard, it’s just similar design and on track the RR’s unit performed impeccably. Amongst the other upgraded installation include New maximum power improvements New finger-follower valve actuation New cylinder head ready for high-lift cashew lightweight titanium connecting rods, reducing reciprocating mass and allowing a high rev limit for a wider power band new front and rear fine-tuned suspension settings


If the fuel economy is the desire then the ninja ZX10RR is not the market. It need fuel when it’s performing. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR base returns and expected mileage of 15 kmpl with a fuel tank of 17 litres.

Handling, chassis, suspension and weight:

On track it is heavenly with regards to altering directions and feels easy when you are inclined over. Kawasaki has set the RR’s suspension up for a 75kg rider.  It gets 17-inch wheels shod with 120/70 front and 190/55 rear tyres. The ZX-10R tips the scale at 206kg (kerb). The motor gets DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) covering for decreased friction loss along with lightweight crankshaft for a brisk revving and expanded throttle reaction arrangement. Electronic throttle valve and Kawasaki Engine Brake Control (KEBC) contribute proficient synchronize of electronic rider helps for that exact feel and control.

Kawasaki ZX-10RR 2019 Photos:

Kawasaki ZX-10RR 2019 Front View

Kawasaki ZX-10RR 2019 Side View

Kawasaki ZX-10RR 2019 Rear View


Brembo monoblock calipers are now a sports bike manufacturer’s standard and they don’t joke on the RR, anyway what wasn’t expected was how much Kawasaki have brought into the bike feel. Normally bicycles having plaited lines are felt dead at the lever, however on the RR there’s a nice feeling over the underlying piece of lever that makes the brakes chomp hard yet not savagely.  Not like some opponent ‘track’ ABS, didn’t need to impair the cornering ABS on the ZX-10RR, which was great. Can’t see racers utilizing it, track riders will surely profit by it being dynamic can be totally unpaired by a dongle marketed by Kawasaki


There are no adjustment of the ZX-10R model’s riding positions for 2019, so it remains unchanged. It’s not the littlest of litter bicycles, and surely isn’t as confined as the R1, yet it’s no tourer.


There a big variety of aftermarket gadgets for the ZX-10RR as it has each electronic gizmos launch control, and up and down quick shifter, traction control, power modes and anti-wheelie.  It needs semi-dynamic suspension and doesn’t either have Öhlins suspension, however this is a homologation race bicycle and racers don’t need semi-dynamic units and upgrade the stock suspension. In superstock regs we have lightweight wheels, an engine worked for revs, Brembo brakes and a WSB-winning machine. The only disgrace for street riders is that a TFT dash is still missing and an on board data logger would be decent and useful on a RR model.


The RR’s price has expanded due to the Pankl titanium conrods which are definitely not modest when contrasted with a year ago’s lower-spec RR. This should make the Ninja the second least expensive of the Japanese stock litter bicycles. The 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is available in four colours. Pearl Storm Gray / Metallic Spark Black for $15,099, Lime Green / Ebony / Metallic Graphite Gray for $15,399. Ninja ZX-10R ABS in Pearl Storm Gray / Metallic Spark Black for $16,099, Ninja ZX-10R ABS KRT: Lime Green / Ebony / Metallic Graphite Gray, $16,399 and ZX-10R SE in Metallic Carbon Gray / Neutron Silver / Lime Green


It’s a homologation model but its dash is a bit disappointing and the low rpm that is a bit of lacking. The progressions Kawasaki have made to the RR for 2019 will give racers with what they really desire. On the chance for a track day rider the RR’s engine will absolutely feel more responsive than the stock bicycle’s unit, however the additional cost will be justifiable if you are battling for a title. Keeping the Ninja on the pace the RR is positively proves to be a champ.

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