Global Positioning System bitterly known as GPS as revolutionized the mankind and world with every passing day globalizing the world into small village. Over the course of years GPS technology has significantly become low-cost making its way into everyone’s smartphone. Technically it means that almost every human being on planet earth having a smartphone with itself is accessible just by a tap on screen.

With the GPS being integrated into everything the GPS has been using in vehicular tracking system for a long time now. Especially with the fleet management on commercial scales be it your Transportation Company, Cab Service, Tow Company or even trains. Vehicle Tracking System has remarkably improved the overall communication between the owners & vehicle. So how does it works and more importantly what are its benefits?

What is Vehicle Tracking Service?

Vehicle Tracking Service works on the GPS as we read above, but how does it really operates?

GPS installed in the vehicle with help of its software sends the data to the main server/receiver on the other end hence establishing a real time location on screen. Now the GPS can work two ways.

Passive Vehicle Tracking stores the data such as location during the route, ignition ON/OFF, distance driven and whatever it is programmed to store. As soon as the vehicle returns to parking spot the device can be removed to view the data.

Whereas in case of Active Vehicle Tracking the location of vehicle can be viewed on laptop/smartphone or any compatible device. This allows the user to have real time access and view statistics such as speed, distance travelled and some more features. In simple words the Active Vehicle Tracking is used by majority of the percentage now.

To sum it up for this section, Vehicle Tracking Service enables you to view your vehicles location along with value added services to be discussed later in this article.

 Usage of Vehicle Tracking Service:

Vehicle Tracking Service have a diverse range of usage over all kinds of vehicles. It works for heavy duty commercial vehicles in logistics. In addition the companies use it to track their vehicle fleet. This can be for multiple ranges of vehicle such as delivery vehicles for estimate time to drop-off, transport vehicles to keep an eye on route and wherever the company feel like implementing and supervising. However the use of Vehicle Tracking Service is not limited to commercial activities and usage only. In fact the vehicle tracking service provides more personalized opportunities and features if you decide to stick with it. In the modern day the vehicle information of almost every sort can be displayed and shared with you on your screen via your GPS while you are sitting hundreds & thousands of mile away from your ride.

How to install Vehicle Tracking Service?

There are multiple service providers on local as well as national & regional level that provide such services. Since the vehicle tracking service is such a bright spectrum as of today, there are so much different options & featured offered in it. For example one specific company might only give you access to your live location and that’s it whereas others might offer tracker services and monitoring. It really depends upon the user what they are looking forward. The vehicle tracking service therefore has drastically different price points also according to their respective services. While some are just sold and ready to install devices for location tracking only, others offer surveillance and theft prevention as well as give you access to shut down your vehicle remotely.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Service:

Benefits of Vehicle tracking system
Benefits of Vehicle tracking system

Following is the list of advantages and benefits you get from any reputed vehicle tracking service.

Theft Prevention:

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Service, theft preventionAs soon as the vehicle crosses the border of your city/state, you’ll be notified and vehicle will be automatically shut on road if you haven’t already disabled the restriction from route. In best case scenario you’ll also get a call from customer support inquiring about vehicle.

Therefore the tracking system helps in prevention of vehicle theft which is one of the major problems when you park on street or even on your driveway. Henceforth vehicle tracking service can save your vehicle.

Jammer Alert:

One of most advanced way to steal a vehicle is to turn on jammer in order to avoid any kind of tracking activity from vehicle. Eventually the car is taken by thieves into a place where GPS is traced & ripped off from vehicle thus taking the vehicle completely off the grid. However to prevent this, the vehicle tracking service providers offer Jammer Alert which instantly lets you know if the jammer is in close distance to your car so that you may need to check on it physically. This is very useful as well as wise as it will notify you the moment something is about to happen.

Battery Tracking & Safety:

Quite obviously the functions on vehicle are subjected to work upon the battery installed. However if the battery is disconnected, there is no power source left in the vehicle for the alarm to go off or notify you in case of theft attempt. Vehicle Tracking Service will send you warning and notify you if the battery is being tempered or tried to pull off.

Panic Alarm Button:

vehicle panic alarm button
vehicle panic alarm button

When your vehicle is parked in driveway or in a parking, it is automatically exposed to the risk of someone trying to mess with your vehicle. Vehicle theft is one of the major uprising crimes. However vehicle tracking service’s devices enables the car to go into panic mood and shut down all its operations as soon as it senses something is going odd with vehicle for example a forced entry or something going on in the hood. Thus the vehicle can’t start or drive till the panic mode is turned off by the owner himself remotely.

 Full Access on your Vehicle:

As the GPS technology has evolved from the past years, it has broadened the spectrum of control and information one can have over there vehicle. Vehicle Tracking Service not only provides you with the location but also other information such as speed, temperature, and distance travelled. It even enables you to see the movement and idle time during the trip in addition to air tire pressure, mileage on gas and how many times the vehicle was shut ON/OF. The GPS enables you to see about maintenance and some other information according to your needs.

Better Experience for the Customers:  

The primary job of GPS is to collect data. Thus the collected data is analyzed and shaped into providing a better driving experience when on road. It enables to see stops, delays in traffic, and usual jams on roads that occur during rush hours and possible arrival time.

Peace of Mind via Tracking:

If you own a business vehicle tracking service automatically gives you the peace of mind for tracking your vehicles. In other scenario, most of the courier companies also provide tracking vehicle for the estimated delivery on customer’s doorstep. This provides the customer peace of mind as he/she are able to track their goods in real time.

In other world, vehicle tracking service works as continuous aid for the tracking your cab or even tracking your pizza delivery guy. The Vehicle Tracking Service therefore has revolutionized and simplified the complications.

Managing Employees:

Driver’s behavior & fuel management system can be analyzed via Vehicle Tracking Service therefore it helps you have the report on what employee is performing up to your expectations and which one isn’t. The information gained also helps in better training of drivers. All in all this saves you ton of time in administrative issues and enables the person to manage some more tasks in that saved amount of time. Thus creating efficiency in the workflow.

Immobilization & Activation:

Various vehicle tracking services enables you to turn on and off the ignition of vehicle via your trusted cellular device. This way even if the original keys are put in the vehicle in attempt to turning it on, the vehicle won’t turn on. Now you might be thinking why is it needed? The answer to that is as the technology has advanced so have the thieves. Immobilizer on your key are bunch of codes which can be replicated by a device powerful enough to capture and replicate your key signals just by standing outside the house. Such cases have been reported and captured where vehicles are stolen just by getting code signal from key and replicating them while availing the “kelyless” entry feature available in almost every car now. Thus once the immobilization system is turned off it will not start until turned on remotely by your device.

Mobile & Website logins:

The mobile applications and website logins enables you to track the recorded data whenever you have time to look at it. This way you can monitor your car activity and location travelled in past days, weeks or months. It also enables you to tun on/off the vehicle remotely while sitting anywhere in the world.

Our advice:

Vehicle Tracking Service is a must have in order to ensure the safety of your vehicle along with bunch of other features. It’s a safe investment and costs minimum amount with ease of mind. Therefore we highly recommend getting a vehicular tracking service wherever you are based on the globe.