All Around the World about Every country have some rules and Regulations those help as well as being controlled by firms or Associations for different industries in the country. Associations and firms those having government support set the rules and Permissions for automakers, those should be followed by them.

In Pakistan there is also an association which is called PAMA (Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers association) that is made to provide benefits and Help to the Manufacturers in accordance with Government policies and Guidelines.

What Does PAMA do?

According to details Present on the official website This Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers association

“It is licensed by the Ministry of the commerce government of Pakistan under the Trade organization ordinance 2007 and Registered under the company’s ordinance 1984 as a company with Limited Liability.

What are PAMA’s Objectives?

  1. To safeguard interest of members
  2. To Place central role in all policy making process of the government of the automobile industry of the country.
  3. To enable Pakistan auto industry becoming Global Player
  4. To provide the Members high quality professional service and create excellent communication amongst members
  5. To be the principal source of statistical data on the entire automotive industry of the Country
  6. To play its role to foster harmony and Accord amongst all stake holders

Who are the Members of PAMA?

According to details PAMA has 19 members those include all the known Auto Manufacturers of Pakistan

  • Pak Suzuki Motor Co LTD
  • Indus Motor Co LTD
  • Honda Atlas cars (Pakistan) LTD
  • Sigma Motors LTD
  • Hino Pak Motors LTD
  • Ghandara Industries
  • Ghandhara Nissan LTD
  • Master Motors Corporation LTD
  • Millat Tractors LTD
  • Atlas Honda LTD
  • Fateh Motors LTD
  • Ravi Automobile PVT LTD
  • Sazgar Engineering Works LTD
  • Plum Qingqi Motors LTD
  • Orient Automotive industries PVT LTD
  • Eiffel industries LTD
  • Yamaha Motor Pakistan PvT LTD
  • Al Ghazi Tractor LTD
  • United Auto industries PVT LTD

Some of the Chinese Manufacturers like FAW, Crown Motors, DFSK, BAIC and Korean Brands including KIA and Hyundai are not yet the Members of PAMA as per details available in 2020.

Website Rank and Details:

Website of PAMA is about 7 years old but it is not well maintained and developed and doesn’t provide much information about Automaker policies, Duties and Taxes and Related to New and Events. Even the Contact us page is not available.

Alexa Rank of PAMA as check in 2020 is 1.45 Million With website only have 88 indexed links in Google.

Only Important thing that is available on the website is the only single excel sheet that provides data Related to total vehicles sales from 2018-2019 (LINK)

What is Old Auto Industry Development Program Pakistan?

The Pakistan Auto Industry has become a leading industrial sector to steer the growth in large scale manufacturing sector. The high economic and job multiplier of this industry and its deep forward and backward linkages in global context and with special reference to Pakistan, make the auto industry a key player in the national economy.

After successfully completing the preparation phase which led to setting up of large number of vending companies and assemblers of vehicles and achieving significant level of localization, the next phase which is the development phase would spread over next five years which offer many challenges, important being the continuation of high growth, development of technologies, achieving competitiveness, human resource development, investment and compliance to safety, quality and environment standards

The goals set by the Government and Industry together can only be achieved through a comprehensive development policy which could address all the cross-sectional issues. Auto Industry Development Programme therefore aims to address the core issues including the predictable and stable tariff environment for the next five years besides other non-tariff initiatives.

The able leadership of my predecessor Mr. Jahangir Khan Tareen is gratefully acknowledged on steering the AIDP initiative and getting it approved from the Government. While acknowledging the dedication and hard work of EDB and the stakeholders in preparing AIDP, I wish all the success to the auto industry to face future challenges and achieving the goals of sustainable development and becoming a global player.

Here is Link for the Complete Details Further:  AIDP (Auto Industry Development Program)