Hybrid car  Means

A vehicle, car or Motor can be said hybrid if it consists of or equipped with two or more energy sources at the same time. Mostly the energy sources available in hybrid cars one is obviously Gasoline and other one  is Electric batteries.Now the question arise how hybrid car works or use two energy sources answer is quite simple A car running on gasoline produces friction from tires that is being use to generate energy and this energy is stored in electric batteries that are present in car.  Hybrid cars are quite expensive the reason  behind there expensiveness is that these car are more economical because  already converting one energy to  another so within city its a great to have a electric powered car and good is with free electricity.
Sometimes Hybrid car get confused with Electric cars There is a big difference between these two.
Hybrid cars are purely dependent on Gasoline or Diesel, electric power is as option in these cars. Whereas Electric cars are completely  dependent on electricity and  have engine that support electric power and one extra thing that can be seen clear till now that electric car can be charged using AC current on the other hand Hybrid till now have not options for charging other then that friction generated through their tires.

 example of hybrid cars are.
Toyota Aqua G

Toyota Aqua G price and specifications in pakistan
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