What Does Cruise control Mean??

  • Cruise control is a special technology used in cars to maintain the speed of car automatically. First drive car up to certain speed manually Then cruise control activated by pressing the button and this start working by maintaining the speed.

How does it work??

  • Cruise control uses speed signals that gathered from speedo meter cable, drive shaft and rpm produced by engine. Cruise control in many cars does not work under certain speed mostly 40 km/h is required speed for enabling cruise control. In some cars cruise control also work as speed limiter too that didn’t allow vehicle to surpass certain speed.

Benefits and Drawback of Cruise control:


  • On long ways it helps the driver to change its positions easily that help him to securing himself from different injuries.
  • It can be also used as speed limiter to avoid violating of speed rules.


  • Cruise control if we use it in wrong way it can be a reason for accidents.
  • Active cruise control along the curves didn’t reduced speed and this become a problem and you stuck into accident.
  • In rainy season traction can be lost as you know car in cruise control didn’t goes down from certain speed.

Adaptive Cruise control:

  • In modern vehicles cruise control has been improved and given named as “adaptive cruise control” which means this can work by using automatic brakes that applied by collecting data from different sensors like radar or laser. This is available in many new vehicle but most of time it is used in Driver less cars that use navigation for moving point to point.

Cars Having Cruise control: