Have you ever wondered that there are two type of tires used in cars “tube” and “tube less”, why this happen and what are benefits and drawbacks for converting tube to tubeless??? All new upcoming cars mostly upgraded with tube less tires and there is a big reason behind it. During driving a car whenever your tube tire hits hard with any object like rock or something else with force it leave big impact because with such force rock and your rim both apply pressure on tube and obviously tube goes tear. This can be happen because of pinch flat or snake bite, now for fixing this you need a sealant or there is another way you can shift to tubeless tires and you will never need sealant again.

Pros of Tubeless tires:

There are number of benefits or tubeless tires some of which are…

Better Driver/Ride:

Lot of people shared their personal experiences that after shifting tube to tubeless tires they got better ride. One reason can be this that tubeless tires can be ridden at pressure much lower than tube tires and when you use low pressure first thing you get increased traction that give smooth ride as well as apply more friction when brakes are applied. 2nd you will get less bounce as they can absorb small bumps easily.

Save time and Money:

As you tires will never get pinch flats again and again this means it will save your lot of time and money too because there will be no need to repair them again and again.


Require more money on first installation:

Tubeless tires are more expensive than tube tires. As companies are giving tubeless tire installed but if you don’t have then select tire with better rubber compounds and wheels that are strong enough.


Installation of tubeless tires is little tricky so founding a person with better knowledge and experience for doing this is quite important.

Question:            Why tubeless tires saved from pinch flats???

After quite searching and watching number of images the answer that I found is tubeless tires made with better quality compound/material and 2nd there can be two or three layers that make it strong and durable. External most strong layer and then their come middle layer remaining last one is internal layer answer is so clearly reaching to internal layer is not easy. That’s why tubeless tires work long then tube tires.