There was a time when person who want to drive a sport car have to buy a sport car first but with evolution in vehicle technology lot of things has been changed among which there is a new option for driving modes. Now in advance vehicles you can select different driving modes according to your choice and need. Modes in car usually changed or controlled using gear shift knob or button placed on center console. There are six most known modes that usually found in vehicles that allow drivers to select the most affordable mode that they want.

  • Normal
  • Comfort
  • Sport
  • Eco
  • Sport plus
  • Individual


Normal Driving Mode:

First by default mode by company in any vehicle is a normal mode, this mode can also called a balance mode. This is company recommended mode that also means this mode will be enabled when no other mode switched. In normal mode all things in car function in linear fashion like their will be no changes to fuel settings, engine settings or Air conditioner.

Comfort Driving Mode:

As you can understand by its name, in this mode vehicle moves into most comfortable settings that made vehicle ride more soft and smooth. Settings of comfort mode affect on suspensions that become softer, on steering wheel that adjust accordingly and engine that reduce it horse power and peak torque to make ride smoother.

Sport/Dynamic Driving mode:

Most favorite mode of youngsters is sport mode, this can be called fun mode of driving. Another name for this mode is dynamic mode. In this mode components start working together to increase response, power and overall efficiency of vehicle to make it sporty in nature. This mode impacts on suspensions that become stiff and less body roll, power of engine increase with increase in torque, Gear shift response increase, tighten up steering wheel, most importantly throttle response also increase that responds as quickly as accelerator pressed. Some safety features also enabled in this mode like stability, traction and anti roll control

Eco Driving Mode:

Eco mode can also name as nature friendly mode and settings are called economical. It is the best mode for those who want to save fuel and nature both. This mode affects on engine and transmission by reducing response time, it also affect on inside features like air conditioning climate control and lights that altered to make maximum fuel savings. Cars that have auto start stop feature also enabled in this mode. This mode mostly found in hybrid and electric vehicles, minimum savings to the fuel can be around 2-3 miles per gallon.

Sport plus Driving Mode:

People usually go from minimum to maximum as its nature of the human, If you want your car to be more sporty than here is the sport Plus mode. This mode didn’t affect only engine and suspensions but also switches off some important safety features like stability control and traction control. This can called dangerous mode as well because vehicle generate maximum horse power, acceleration and torque in this mode.

Individual Driving Mode:

Individual mode can be called combination of modes where person adjust settings of vehicle according to its need or choice. Like switching engine to sport mode and at the same time suspensions at comfort, air conditioner at economy and steering at sport plus mode. This mode usually takes time to adjust because there are not defaults settings present but person have to make new settings.

Modes explained above can be different among different vehicles and may not work as explained above due to number of features missing in vehicle. In some vehicles these modes affects on overall performance of vehicle but in some there can be only minor changes. Switching between the modes sometimes reduces overall performance of vehicle over the time but again it’s all on vehicle and company that made it.