1: Looking body/Externally & internally

Visual Inspection and Basic Stuff:

  • Door lines: checking for any cracks and rusting at corners and internal side

  • Rack panels: check for rusting or body filler has been used.

  • Wheel cover: inner sides check metal sound as well as use hands to check rusting.

  • Filler door checking: (petrol filler) also tap out the sides of filler door to hear the sound if sound is like wood then its okay


  • Checking of replaced things: check for bolts that are changed, not present or not factory settled.

  • Check external paint: Check cracking carefully to know how many times paint has been done must check difference in paint shades.

  • Look down of the car: if it’s okay or not. If it is colored that is not normal or black then they are hiding so much.

  • Tire Checking: Shake the tires if these are not lose if lose it means there is problem with that.

  • Bumper paint: must check to know if bumper has been changed or car is accidental.
  • Roof checking: if it is clean or there are no bubbles on the body (bubbles means rusting)

Internal checking:

  • Doors: Open door and check it by peeling up its rubber to check out rusting.

  • Mileage Checking: Check brake pedals High mileage cars brake pedals are peeled off if are peeled and mileage is low means there is something wrong.

  • Lights: Initiate the car check out engine lights, Anti lock braking lights, Traction lights (switch not working means problem is somewhere with abs or somewhere else)

  • How car used: Check engine oil and transmission oil it will tell you how car has been used. (So black oil or less oil means oil changed rare off (Badly used). Check transmission oil when car is running.

  • Engine inside:  Check radiator cap rusting means you should check engine carefully or ask someone experience.

  • Oil Leaks: Check oil leaks carefully in engine and also check if all sensors are working properly that tells about leaks oil engine problems.

  • Steering Check: Check steering if there is any binding

  • Heater/Air conditioner check:  make sure working properly must check by increasing and decreasing heat or air conditioner.

  • Power windows: Check all power windows working properly because it can cost round about 200$ plus.

  • Power locks: Check power locks with car starting and without car starting.

  • Check trunk: internally for rusting and water signs (make sure spare tire and jack in their).Check sides of trunk for marks of hanger or any other marks to sure no work has done or no accidental


On Engine side if bolts are missing means work has been done after accident, check hammer signs, welding sign etc. Check gaps on both side if all same and normal (in engine).Drive car to check (runs good, stops well, shocks are good), Check door by opening and closing to make sure there is no problem with doors hinges. Must check tires by rotating using steering wheel must check voice of car or engine not making noise.

 Buy a car that Require Less work.