Major Causes of Accidents in Pakistan

Biggest Reasons of car Accidents:

Life is precious people who lost it never get it back on any price, Even if you not lost your life but lost major parts of body you ruined you remaining great moments because you are not going to enjoy them. In today’s life more and more people are becoming prey of accidents. Small mistakes done during driving make large impact over your livings. There are number of reasons behind accidents but few major reasons remain same over the time.

Drunk Driving:

Drinking is allowed in most of countries people drink for fun but in many countries it is not for fun but a need because of too low temperature. If we see behind in the year of 2010 there were about 1.41 million arrested because of drunk driving. Only you can protect and save yourself by avoiding driving after drinking even if you feel that you can drive. If you like drinking or drink because of low temperature then must buy and equipment to check intoxication level how much you have drunk to know if you can drive or not. Hide keys of your precious one if you feel that they are more intoxicated and not able to handle the car.

Over Speeding:

Youngsters like to drive cars fast and fast, according to us department of transportation over speeding is one of the most casual reason for accidents. Avoid over speed because it’s better to reach late rather than never.  Your life is in your hand don’t waste your life for little fun.


Now another rising reasons of accidents is distractions during driving, use of mobile phone increased so much and people do calls hear music during driving that is a bad habit. Try to use call and message assistant in cars this can help you out during driving or other way make a rule for yourself to not to use mobile phone in car.


Fog lights has become compulsory , every new upcoming car has pre-installed fog lights In countries like Pakistan every morning in winter season there happen many major accidents because cars that used here didn’t full fill security measurements and here in Pakistan not proper rule regulations and implementations. So before driving in Pakistan during winter season check out if your car has installed fog lights otherwise install them.

Bad Roads:

Here is the last but not least Bad roads are a major issue in under developed countries if you like traveling and get a chance to have a trip to Pakistan or India  try to hire a driver that has experience of driving in these countries and know those roads better.Technology has made our life so easy even in cars navigation, air bags, seat belts and many other life saving equipment’s are added but still if you don’t care next breath can be your last. Be smart and be safe is the most easiest way to live happy and long life.