Review 2021

 BMW i3 EV 

  • Sold in the USA: 2017-Present
  • 1st Generation
  • Status: Discontinued

BMW i3 EV Last Price in the USA in 2021:

i3 S 120 AH Range Extender  Starts at: $52,495
i3 120 AH Range Extender  Starts at: $49,295
i3 S 120 AH  Starts at: $48,645
i3 120 AH  Starts at: $45,445

BMW i3 was always a major choice of customers among plug-in hybrid cars since its launch and the latest version of the i3 is worth its looks besides its power train. The latest version of the BMW i3 holds major upgrades from previous models and has been rated six stars out of ten by reviewers. It provides us with more driving range with an intriguing power train, detailed interior looks, and comfort in ride. It offers us an appearance package that provides us with more driving range of 153 miles.

Trim & Variants: 

 It is available in four trims that include 120 Ah, s 120 Ah, 120Ah with range extender variant, and s 120 Ah range extender. Range extender trim is actually run by a two-cylinder motorcycle engine recharging its battery and driving the wheels indirectly. The 2021 version of the BMW i3 was not been tested by NHTSA to rate it as a safe car but it comes with all safety equipment which makes it a safe car to drive. Higher-end package offers you automatic emergency brakes and an adaptive cruise control system along with a rearview camera that provides you essential safety features when required. Although the BMW i3 was being displayed at the Auto Expo of 2018 the sales started in 2019.

2020 BMW i3 feature Image
BMW i3 feature Image

Engine, Transmission & Fuel Economy:

It is powered by a 650 cc two-cylinder gasoline engine paired with 42.2 Kwh lithium-ion batteries that can be charged in 4.5 hours from a 220 volts source. The 2.4 gallons fuel tank provides you an estimated mileage of thirty-three to forty-two miles per gallon while the 42.2 kWh batteries give a mileage of 153 km. It has the ability to accelerate to sixty miles per hour in 6.8 seconds with a top speed of ninety-nine miles per hour.

Driving & Range:

One-speed direct transmission of the BMW i3 is quite smooth and linear and the engine does not make any annoying noises while the sporty acceleration makes you feel zippy around the city and the smooth suspension holds every crack, bump, and unpaved pathway easily to make you feel comfortable. The lightweight steering wheel let you thread through the traffic with fun. Handling of i3 is much improved because of the extra traction given to it and a decreased ride height of up to p.4 inches. The increased capacity of the battery in the latest model increases the driving range from ninety miles to 153 miles.

Exterior Design & Features:

The tall body and ultra-narrow tires of the BMW i3 give it a toy-like design. More expressiveness is added to its design with sharp contour and protrusions. The front bumper of the i3 is of the same color as its body which adds sportiness to it. It is 4011 inches in length, 1392 inches in width, and 1571 inches in height. It is offered in six exterior colors with every color having the power of expression and nineteen inches of light and narrow alloy wheels give a sportier and airy look.

2020 BMW i3 front view

2020 BMW i3 Side View
BMW i3 Side View

2020 BMW i3 Rear View
BMW i3 Rear View

Interior Design & Features:

The interior cabin of the BMW i3 is a blend of grey clothing and blue accents with dark shade trims and a signature BMW look is symbolized by blue seat bolsters and fine leather-covered steering. Seats are covered with wool cloth which provides you out of the class luxury by keeping you cool in summers and warm in cold temperatures.

2020 BMW i3 front cabin interior with entertainment screen
BMW i3 front cabin interior with entertainment screen

2020 BMW i3 complete interior & seats
BMW i3 complete interior & seats

 The cabin is equipped with an electrical glass roof with integrated wind reflectors, a comfort assessment system letting you get in and out of doors without using keys, heated seats at the front and back, a HIFI audio stereo system, a BMW Connect drive navigation system, automatic air conditioning, intelligent emergency call system, multi-function button on steering wheel, foldable backrest and armrest and storage compartment. You can charge your i3 at home easily with BMW I Wall box, BMW I Wall box plus and BMW I Wall box Connect. Passengers also have full-on entertainment services when a screen can be flipped down to let them enjoy movies and the infotainment system has compatibility with iPhone smartphones.110 volts of sockets let the passengers charge their phones easily onboard.

2020 BMW i3 Mobile placing place
BMW i3 Mobile placing place

2020 BMW i3 front cabin interior
BMW i3 front cabin interior

2020 bmw i3 beautiful interior cabin
BMW i3 beautiful interior cabin

2020 BMW i3 transmission
BMW i3 transmission

Major Competitors:

Some of the toughest rivals for BMW i3 include  Chevrolet Bolt EV, Hyundai Kona Electric, Tesla Model 3, and  Kia Niro.

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