Starts at: 26,760 $
Review 2022
Ford Escape Titanium USA

Ford Escape- The most fuel-efficient crossover SUV

  • Sold in the USA: 2020-Present
  • 4th Generation

2022 Ford Escape Price in the USA:

Escape S  Starts at: 26,760 $
Escape SE  Starts at: 28,095 $
Escape SE Hybrid  Starts at: 29,920 $
SEL  Starts at: 30,470 $
SEL Hybrid  Starts at: 32,285 $
Titanium Hybrid  Starts at: 34,830 $
Titanium  Starts at: 36,880 $
SE Plugin Hybrid  Starts at: 35,190 $
SEL Plugin Hybrid  Starts at: 37,925 $
Titanium Plugin Hybrid  Starts at: 40,435 $

Ford Escape has just gone on the sale for the American market as a crossover SUV from the ford towards rivals such as Rav4, Subaru Forester, Honda CRV, and Mazda MX-5. The 3rd gen outgoing Ford Escape made it into the 4th gen by bringing the Hybrid version back in 2012. The new Ford Escape is bigger, wider, and better.

Trim Levels & versions offered:

Ford Escape is offered in 5 different trim levels with two different drivetrains of AWD and FWD. The versions offered in  Ford Escape are S, SE, SE Sport, SEL, and Titanium.

Engine & power:

The standard engine option in Ford Escape is the 1.5L inline-three cylinder making 181 hp from the wheels and 191 lb-ft of torque. The engine is powerful enough to cruise at good speeds on highways and overtake traffic. The 0-60mph time on SE trim goes to about 7.7 seconds. Ford Escape comes with a bigger engine block producing more power for the performance guys. The 2.0L Turbocharged engine produces 245 hp in SEL Trim doing 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds instead of the regular 7.7 seconds. Ford Escape can tow 3500 Pounds on a 2.-liter Turbocharged model, whereas the normal models can tow till 2000 Pounds whereas the Hybrid can only tow up to 1500 Pounds.

Ford Escape has improved greatly from its previous model in terms of engine, performance, and next to discuss styling.

Interior Exterior Styling:

On the page of styling, the Ford Escape does what it should pretty nicely. As you are about to enter from the driver’s side door, Ford gives you the Key Pad just on the side of the driver’s side window. This keypad is practical when you are going on swimming, golfing, surfing on a beach, or ice-skating. Ford is the only automotive company giving the keypad on their vehicles which is brilliantly practical, the rest of the automakers I guess don’t consider the keypad important except for the Nissan who tried it in the ’80s. The Keypad is hidden in dark on the black side rail of the door and glows only when you tap it, therefore letting you in with a combination of keys pressed. As you move in, the driver-side door has fading dot accents in a styling fashion.

2020 Ford Escape front view
Ford Escape front view

2020 Ford Escape Side View
Ford Escape Side View

2020 Ford Escape wheels
Ford Escape wheels

2020 Ford Escape side rear view
Ford Escape side rear view

2020 Ford Escape Rear view
Ford Escape Rearview

 The Infotainment screen in Escape can be partially turned off (displaying time & date only) or completely turned off with the touch of a button. Center buttons on the console control driving mode, and parking sensors, and even let the car perform parallel parking itself.

2020 Ford Escape full front cabin interior view
Ford Escape full front cabin interior view

2020 Ford Escape interior quality view
Ford Escape interior quality view

2020 Ford Escape information cluster view
Ford Escape information cluster view

Driving Dynamics:

The Ford Escape is capable of adaptive cruise control with lane change assist that can change lanes for you while being on the cruise, making most of the drive being done by itself. However, the bizarre most hated part of the Ford Escape to the automotive enthusiasts will be the central knob-shaped gear which you have to turn in order to get into drive mode. However, it’s not as intimidating for the ones commuting for work or getting around with kids in the back. The heads-up display in Ford Escape can also be adjusted in terms of displaying information and height adjustability.

Interior Spacing:

Ford Escape has improved a lot when it comes to interior space and styling. The interior space of 34-cubic feet with rear seat folding extends up to 38 cubic feet. The cabin can fit in up to 4 golf bags as claimed by Ford. The overall spacious interior of the Ford Escape lacks the premium material styling as it has a lot of exposed plastic parts giving it a somewhat cheap look even in the highest Titanium model.

2020 ford escape front seats view
ford escape front seats view

2020 ford escape full rear seating view
ford escape full rear seating view

2020 ford Escape rear seats view
ford Escape rear seats view

2020 Ford Escape entertainment screen view
Ford Escape entertainment screen view


The Ford Escape gives an impressive mileage of 40 mpg and even more in the Hybrid versions. The Ford Escape gives a good deal on the price when it comes to value however it lacks in the interior department from Honda CRV costing less. The sportiness of the Mazda MX-5 is still unmatched by Ford Escape like any other crossover SUV. However, to put it into the final verdict Ford Escape comes with good value for money especially because it’s a “Ford”.

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