Starts at: 12,990,0 YUAN
Review 2022
BAIC EU5 R500 China

2022 BAIC EU5 series

2022 BAIC EU5 EV Price in China:

R500 Zhifeng Edition 12,990,0 YUAN
R500 Smart Edition 13,990,0 YUAN
R600 Zhichao Edition 15,890,0 YUAN
R600 Smart collar version 17,190,0 YUAN

BAIC BJEV is the electric vehicle production unit of Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Company that is already selling its electric cars for the last two years it must be mentioned that BAIC BJEV was the first company qualified by the Government of China to undergo manufacture electric vehicles in 2016. BAIC BJEV is now working to introduce six new electric cars in its BJEV series that will be either sedans, vans or SUVs. At present, BAIC is selling many electric vehicles in which the EU series is one of them that is the new name given to the Senova D50 EV sedan of BAIC. It was built on the platform of SAAB and became one of the most demanding electric cars in China in 2016 with its sale reaching 979 units sold in February 2020. The revised edition of the BAIC EU5 series continued to be on top of the most demanding electric vehicle and remained among the top five best-selling electric cars in China. BAIC EU5 series has now been improved with upgraded specs and giving you more wonderful driving performance by giving you 215 hp horsepower and a torque of 300 Nm with an increased driving range.

Trim & Variants:

 It is available in two trim levels that include R500 trim and R550 trim with similar drive trains of all trims and they differ in various exterior and interior features.

A complete comparison can be seen in Specs & features Section

2020 BAIC EU500 Title Image
2020 BAIC EU500 Title Image

Power train & Batteries:

BAIC EU5 series is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor charged by a 53.6 kWh lithium batteries pack that gives you 160 kW (218 HP) maximum power and torque of 300 NM. DC charging of its battery to 80 percent requires 30 minutes to charge while normal charging requires 9 hours.

Performance & Drive:

 It provides you with a quick acceleration taking 7.8 seconds to sprint from zero to sixty miles per hour with a top speed of 96 miles per hour  (155 km/h) while the ride quality is very amazing producing no noise as produced by the typical gasoline engines and the handling of the car is also made quite efficient with its precise and power control steering response making turning and cornering of the vehicle with ease and comfort. Mileage ranges for the revised models are also improved giving you a range of 416 (R500 Models) & 501 kilometers (R600 Models) and as per NEDC Gives (258 Miles) on a full charge which makes it an ideal car for urban traffics and also on the highways. The magnetic motor of the EU5 series is powerful enough to give enough power to run the front wheels efficiently with refined driving performance and front-wheel drive only.

Exterior Design & Features:

Beautifully designed BAIC EU5 series is 180.2 inches in length having a width of 70.6 inches available in red, white, grey, silver and black exterior colors. The front end holds the BAIC logo beautifully accented on its body while jewel-shaped LED headlights are on sideways provided with daytime running lights and the rear end is equally attractive in that its jewel shaped LED taillights are eye-catching. The electric sunroof adds more light and fresh air to the cabin while the side mirrors are easily foldable and given with heating technology. 17 inches aluminium alloy wheels add more beauty to the looks and complete its aggressiveness.

2020 BAIC EU500 front View
2020 BAIC EU500 front View

2020 BAIC EU500 Charging Area View
2020 BAIC EU500 Charging Area View

2020 BAIC EU500 side View
2020 BAIC EU500 side View

2020 BAIC EU500 Rear View
2020 BAIC EU500 Rear View

Interior Design & Features:

The interior cabin of the EU5 series is very comfortable having fabric-covered seats in basic and fashion variants while leather-covered seats in comfort and luxury variants. A heated and ventilated driver’s seat is given with six ways of manual or electric adjustment and the rear bench can be folded to increase the cargo area for carrying large amounts of luggage. It has the capacity to give accommodation to five passengers comfortably.

2020 BAIC EU500 luggage Area View
2020 BAIC EU500 luggage Area View

A 12.3 inches dashboard is beautifully designed having a 9 inches touch screen display mounted on it to give you entertainment along with navigation and a rearview camera display, and six speakers give you good stereo sound. An Onboard Wi-Fi system is also given to facilitate the passengers and car life Smartphone interconnection is also given.

2020 BAIC EU500 Interior Cabin View
2020 BAIC EU500 Interior Cabin View


Advance driver assistance aids are provided that include moving object detection, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency brakes, front end collision warning, pedestrian collision warning and blind-spot detection system.

Major competitors:

BAIC EU5 series gets tough competition from Tesla model 3, BAIC EC 3, Baujun E200, Nio ES6, BYD e500, GAC Toyota 1A5 and GAC Aion S.

serial number Product configuration R500 R600
Zhifeng Edition Smart Edition Zhichao Edition Smart collar version
Guide price (ten thousand yuan) 12.99 13.99 15.89 17.19
1 Basic Information
1.1 L*W*H(mm) 4650*1820*1510
1.2 Wheelbase (mm) 2670
1.3 Maximum power (kW) 160
1.4 Maximum torque (Nm) 300
1.5 Battery Type Ternary lithium
1.6 Motor type Permanent magnet synchronization
1.7 Maximum speed (km/h) 155
1.8 Curb weight (kg) 1640 1680
1.9 NEDC cruising range (km) 416 501
1.10 Constant speed method (60km/h, km) 525 635
1.11 Fast charging time (30%-80% SOC room temperature 25℃)


30 minutes 30 minutes
1.12 Slow charge time (0-100% SOC room temperature 25℃) 9 hours 10 hours
2 Body and Chassis
2.1 Electric vehicle single speed gearbox
2.2 Knob shift
2.3 Sport driving mode
2.4 Front brake type ventilated disc
2.5 rear brake type disc
2.6 rear suspension form multi-link
2.7 Electronic Parking (EPB)
2.8 Electric power steering
3 Handling and Safety
3.2 EBA+BA
3.4 hill assist
3.5 steep descent
3.6 Auto Hold
3.7 driver’s airbag
3.8 Passenger airbag
3.9 Front side airbags
3.10 side air curtain
3.11 Three-point seat belts with preloaded force-limiting front seats ●(non-preload limit force)
3.12 Three-point seat belt in the middle of the rear seat
3.13 Seat belt height adjustment (B-pillar)
3.14 Driver’s seat belt not fastened reminder (symbol + sound)
3.15 Reminder for passenger seat belt not fastened (symbol + sound)
3.16 Brake Energy Recovery System
3.17 Anti-theft alarm system
3.18 child door lock
3.19 ISOFIX Fixtures
3.20 Running lights off alarm
3.21 cruise control
3.22 rear parking radar
3.23 Reverse image
3.24 Speed ​​sensor door lock
3.25 one-button start
3.26 keyless entry
3.27 2 smart keys
3.28 Tire pressure monitoring (direct type)
3.29 driving recorder
3.30 Low speed pedestrian warning
3.31 Doors automatically unlock after a collision
3.32 Battery Intelligent Temperature Control Management System
4 External equipment
4.1 Electric sunroof
4.2 grass Ordinary white glass Ordinary white glass Ordinary white glass All green glass
4.3 automatic sensor wiper
4.4 Rear windshield defrost
4.5 Electrically adjustable exterior mirrors
4.6 Power folding exterior mirrors
4.7 Electric heated exterior mirrors
4.8 Outside mirrors with turn signals
4.9 Four-door power windows
4.10 Four-door window one-button lift + anti-pinch main driver
4.11 17 inch aluminum alloy rims ●(Monochrome) ●(two-color) ●(two-color) ●(two-color)
4.12 Michelin tires
4.13 Automatic tire repair device
4.14 tool organizer
4.15 printed antenna
4.16 Outdoor temperature display
4.17 Front cabin trim cover (closed)
4.18 Front cabin lower guard
4.19 Home Charging Components
5 interior equipment
5.1 leather steering wheel
5.2 Steering wheel adjustable up and down
5.3 12.3 inch full LCD instrument
5.4 Manual anti-dazzle interior rearview mirror
5.5 Driver sun visor with vanity mirror
5.6 Co-pilot sun visor with vanity mirror
5.7 Front center armrest (flocking) ●(No flocking)
5.8 Rear exhaust air outlet (blow surface)
5.9 Sub-dashboard storage space (with USB charging port)
5.10 Trunk opening method (internal + remote control key)
5.11 Glove box opening with damping (flocking) ●(No flocking)
6 Seat equipment
6.1 seat fabric material cortex
6.2 interior color black brown
6.3 Main driver seat heating (2 places)
6.4 Main driver’s seat ventilation (2 places)
6.5 Manual adjustment of the driver’s seat 6-way
6.6 Electrically adjustable driver’s seat 6-way 6-way 6-way
6.7 Power driver’s seat 4-way lumbar support
6.8 Manual adjustment of passenger seat 4-way 4-way 4-way 4-way
6.9 rear seat headrest 3 3 3 3
6.10 Height-adjustable rear headrests
6.11 Rear seats folded down whole down
6.12 Rear center armrest and cup holders
7 entertainment equipment
7.1 12 volt power connector
7.2 Standard USB interface with charging function
7.3 rear USB
7.4 radio
7.5 9-inch central control system
7.6 Multifunction steering wheel
7.7 speaker 4 6 6 6
7.8 Speed ​​Aware Sound Compensation System
7.9 Bluetooth hands-free function
8 Lighting configuration
8.1 Single module LED headlight
8.2 Dual-module LED headlights
8.3 rear tail light halogen led led led
8.4 Headlight height adjustable
8.5 Automatic headlights on and off
8.6 Headlights turn off
8.7 LED daytime running lights
8.8 Emergency braking double flash
8.9 Automatic rear luggage compartment light
8.10 LED high mount brake light
8.11 Front top reading light (with delay function)
8.12 Ambient Light
8.13 Rear fog lamps
9 Air conditioner and refrigerator
9.1 temperature control method automatic automatic automatic automatic
9.2 Air conditioner with pollen filter
9.3 PM2.5 air purification filter
9.4 PM2.5 air quality value display
10 AI Security and Networking
10.1 GPS Navigation System (Local/Online)*
10.2 WIFI function
10.3 Mobile Internet
10.4 Darwin Intelligent Network System
10.5 -Voice recognition and control function
10.6 —Send2car
10.7 —AppStore
10.8 —OTA remote upgrade
10.9 —Information consultation, weather forecast, real-time traffic, etc.
11 ADAS Intelligent Driving System
11.1 Panoramic Video System (AVM)
11.2 Low Speed ​​Dynamic Object Recognition (MOD)
11.3 Blind Spot Detection System (BSD)
11.4 Lane Departure Warning System (LDW)
11.5 Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
11.6 Automatic Emergency Braking System – Pedestrian Protection System
11.7 Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
11.8 Pedestrian Pre-Collision Warning (PCW)
11.9 Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
11.10 V2L/V2V charging function

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