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BYD E-500 EV Pro China

2022 BYD Quin E-500 EV Pro

  • Sold in China: 2020-Present
  • 1st Generation

2022 Quin E-500 EV Pro price in China:

High Endurance Edition Deluxe 147,900 YUAN
Premium High Endurance Edition 157,900 YUAN
Standard Edition (travel) 171,800 YUAN
travel edition 174,800 YUAN

When the whole world is promoting electric vehicles to cut down pollution from the earth, China is also strengthening its industry by introducing its electric car subsidy policy to promote electric cars in-country by cutting down subsidies on them by half. China’s largest electric vehicle maker BYD has been in this race to manufacture electric and hybrid plug-in cars and BYD’s e5 made its first debut in 2015 as an all-electric sedan. In 2020 images of all new e5 were received from China MIIT which showed us the images of the latest model of BYD e5 that launched in 2020. The latest model of BYD e5 is restyled with a new front grille design and is lighter in weight than the previous model while the typical dragon face design is retained in it. It is an all-electric car that was first refurbished in 2016 with a large-size battery and delivery of more power while it was again upgraded in 2018 with a more powerful battery and become one of the best-selling EVs. Now the latest model has been launched that has a more powerful battery & offering front-wheel drive.

2020 BYD Qin EV5 Pro Panoramic View
BYD Qin EV5 Pro Panoramic View

Drivetrain and performance:

BYD e5 latest model will have a 53.1 kilowatts hour battery having a theoretical NEDC range of 450 kilometers and capable of generating 100 kilowatts of power and torque of 180 Nm with the help of a lithium-ion charged battery while the motor gives power to the front wheels. It can accelerate to hundred kilometers per hour in 7.6 seconds with a top speed of 150 kilometers.

Driving :

It has the capability to cruise well with very little noise from surroundings but still, some odd creaking noises can disturb you in your journey. The steering response of e5 is quick but not very efficient as some buyers think its steering needs wholesale re-tuning to move through pitches and bounces. The company is selling its cars in Switzerland, France, and Germany and it is expected to fleet in all of Europe. The all-wheel electric feature of the e5 makes it an environmentally friendly car by cutting down emissions from cars polluting the environment. While talking about its braking system which is above average giving enough power to the brakes whenever an emergency stop is required and applying smooth brakes without any jerk or unease felt by the passengers seating in the cabin.

Exterior Design & Features:

BYD e5 is 4675 millimeters in length, 1770 millimeters in width, 1500 millimeters in height has a wheelbase of 2670 millimeters, and a curb weight of 1210 kilograms. It is a five-door electric car giving a seating capacity of five passengers. The front end of the e5 is a bit aggressive with a big mouth grille on the front holding a Qin badge encrypted on it while narrow LED headlights sweep across it sideways provided with daytime running lights helping you give clearer visions on roads.

2020 BYD Pro EV5 front view
BYD Pro EV5 front view

2020 BYD Pro EV5 Front Lights view
BYD Pro EV5 Front Lights view

2020 BYD EV5 Pro beautiful image
BYD EV5 Pro beautiful image

 Rear-end of E5 is sleeker in look with horizontal-shaped chrome trim pieces running along the right and left LED tail lights that widen its appearance. The new model has slightly less length as compared to the previous model while it has improved width and wheelbase.

2020 BYD Pro EV5 Side View
BYD Pro EV5 Side View

2020 BYD Qin EV5 Pro another side view
BYD Qin EV5 Pro another side view

2020 BYD EV5 Pro Rear View
BYD EV5 Pro Rear View

2020 BYD EV5 Pro Running on Road
BYD EV5 Pro Running on Road

Interior Design & Features:

The interior design of e5 is also as attractive as the exterior with leather-covered seats comfortable enough to give you a relaxing journey. There is a rotatable screen fitted on the central console which has a liquid crystal instrumental panel providing you with infotainment.

2020 BYD EV5 Pro Steering Wheel
BYD EV5 Pro Steering Wheel

2020 BYD Qin EV5 Pro Tranmission
BYD Qin EV5 Pro Tranmission

2020 BYD Qin EV5 Pro Information view
BYD Qin EV5 Pro Information view

2020 BYD EV5 Pro Entertainment Screen View
BYD EV5 Pro Entertainment Screen View

The Black and silver theme color of the interior cabin is really eye-catching and equipped with a lot of wealthy features adding extreme luxury to the cabin. The steering wheel is featured multi-function physical buttons for audio control. It provides a luggage capacity of 450 liters which is enough to meet our daily traveling needs. Apart from it, it is also equipped with the necessary safety features to make it a user-friendly safe car.

2020 BYD EV5 Pro Interior Front Cabin
BYD EV5 Pro Interior Front Cabin

2020 BYD EV5 Pro Rear Seats
BYD EV5 Pro Rear Seats

Major Competitors:

It will be giving a tough competition to some of the following cars that include Tesla Roadster, Fiat 500, tesla model 3, and Volkswagen id3.

car model High Endurance Edition Deluxe Premium High Endurance Edition Standard Edition (travel) travel edition
Size parameters
Length × Width × Height (mm) 4675×1770×1500
Wheelbase (mm) 2670
Wheel base front/rear (mm) 1525/1520
Minimum turning radius (m) 5.3
Tire specifications 205/50R17 205/55R16
Vehicle warranty The non-operating vehicle has a repair period of 6 years or 150,000 kilometers, and the core components have a repair period of 8 years or 150,000 kilometers. The power battery cells are guaranteed for life Consult your local dealer for details
Dynamic performance
Motor type AC permanent magnet synchronous motor
Motor maximum power (kW) 100
Motor maximum torque (N m) 180
Working condition method pure electric driving range (km) 421 400
Isokinetic pure electric driving range (km) 505
Battery capacity (kWh) 53.1
Fast charge time (h) 1.5
30-minute fast charge percentage 30%-80%
0~50km/h acceleration time (s) 4.5
Braking and Suspension
Front brake type ventilated disc
rear brake type disc
Front suspension type McPherson independent suspension
rear suspension type torsion beam suspension
safety equipment
anti-lock braking system
Electronic brake force distribution system
Body Electronic Stability System
Traction Control System
Vehicle Dynamics Control System
Hill Start Control System
Hydraulic Brake Assist System
Parking brake deceleration control system
brake priority system
Electric power steering system
Electronic parking system
automatic parking system
Tire pressure monitoring system Tire pressure alarm function
cruise control system
Front dual airbags
Front side airbag
side air curtain
Reversing camera system
Reversing radar
Rear middle seat three-point seat belt
Audible and visual alarm for driver/co-driver not wearing seat belt
ISO-FIX child seat anchors
Speed ​​sensor automatic locking
Main driver electric window anti-pinch function
One-button lift function of the main driving window
Intelligent anti-theft system
Combination instrument speed limit reminder device
Collapsible steering column
Electric folding exterior mirrors
Electric heating defrost for exterior mirrors
Electric heating defogging and defrosting of rear windshield
DiLink intelligent network connection system
8-inch Suspension Pad
DiLink 10.1-inch 8-core Adaptive Rotary Suspension Pad
Intelligent Voice Interaction System
▶Voice-controlled navigation (navigate to destination, navigate to nearby places, navigate to favorite destinations, etc.)
▶Voice control audio and video playback (voice to turn on/off music, voice to switch songs, voice to adjust volume, radio, etc.)
▶Voice control telephone communication + voice chat interaction + voice information query, etc.
▶Voice control air conditioner (switch air conditioner, adjust temperature, etc.)
▶Voice control third-party APP
▶Voice control screen rotation
▶Voice control multimedia settings
BYD Intelligent Cloud Service
▶Remote car search (vehicle location navigation, flashing lights and whistle, etc.)
▶ Remote control door lock/unlock
▶ Remote authorization to start the vehicle
▶Remote turn on (including reservation)/turn off air conditioner
▶Real-time vehicle condition query
▶Real-time vehicle condition detection
▶ Remote control vehicle SMS reminder (lock/unlock doors, turn on/off air conditioner, etc.)
▶Door/trunk not closed reminder
▶Car owner service (find charging piles, gas stations, parking lots, etc.)
▶Energy consumption ranking
▶Intimate service (reservation or maintenance, collision SMS notification)
▶Automobile knowledge lecture hall
▶Data service (car usage report)
Massive application
Smartphone APP bluetooth key
Cloud service APP intelligent remote control driving
Smart and precise navigation
Online video entertainment system
Vehicle use function query and setting
DiLink operating system query and setting
Split screen display
4G module
car bluetooth system
Car WiFi
Car karaoke entertainment system
car microphone
smart bracelet key
OTA intelligent remote upgrade
Smart driving recorder
Rear USB interface
Hi-Fi speakers 6 2 6
Comfort and convenience
PM2.5 high efficiency filter (without PM2.5 display)
Driver’s 6-way manual seat
Driver’s 6-way power seat
Passenger 4-way manual seat
Height-adjustable rear headrest
Multifunction steering wheel
Keyless entry and one-button start system
Automatic constant temperature air conditioner Electric air conditioner
Remote control of engine and air conditioner
Rear trunk remote control opening
Electric back door unlocking
Maintenance reminder function
New energy technology
ECO/SPORT/Snow driving mode
7kW Wall Mounted Charging Box
The third-generation battery intelligent temperature control management system
Maximum DC fast charge 50kW
Household 220V AC charging gun (3 to 7)
Brake Energy Recovery System
Distributed power battery management
Electric unlocking of charging port cover
Reservation charging system
lighting equipment
Starlight LED headlights halogen
LED daytime running lights
Headlights on early/delayed off
Automatically turn on headlights
Manual height adjustment of headlights
Nebula Bright LED Tail Lights
LED rear fog lights
LED high mount brake light
LED front interior lights
LED rear interior lights
LED main/passenger license foot light
LED side turn signal
LED running water energy turn signal
Four door lights
charging port light
trunk light
Appearance equipment
Double-deck dual-mode power sunroof
tire sealer
LED colorful tail brand LOGO
Photon Star 16-inch alloy wheels
Edgestar 17-inch alloy wheels
Intermittent boneless wipers
Body color outer handle
Pixel three-dimensional energy-gathering grid
Front high pressure assembly baffle
Four wheel fenders
interior equipment
5-inch LCD instrument cluster
luxury leather seats
basalt black interior
Slush plastic soft instrument panel
Main driver with vanity mirror sun visor
Co-driver with vanity mirror sun visor
4:6 foldable rear seats
The driver rests the pedal
ticket box
Front center armrest convenient storage box
Rear center armrest
12V car power interface
Four-door leather armrest
1. “●” indicates that this configuration is available

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