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Hyundai Displayed Elantra During Pakistan Auto Show 2020 that will Launch next year but the Elantra Displayed at Pakistan Auto show is the 6th Generation While in the international Markets updated version of Elantra has been Introduced with more fuel Economy and Up dated Design.

What is about 6th Generation Hyundai Elantra? :

Recently During Pakistan Auto Show 2020 Hyundai Display Elantra that may launch next year with arrival of new competitors including Toyota Altis and Honda insight but thing that is more important to note is the version that displayed during Pakistan Auto Show 2020 is the 6th Generation of Elantra that was being introduced 4 years ago in India with 1.8 Liter engine.

What is in 6th Generation Elantra? :

All trims of Elantra are equipped with two liters four cylinder sixteen valve DOHC 1600cc engine with Continuously Varying seven speed  automatic transmission while six speed manual transmission can be obtained in base trim SE while the suspension of the car is smooth and not harsh with a nice control on quality of the ride and gripping of tires on road are also very firm which makes the turning around corners very easy and it deaccelerate from seventy miles per hour in 168 feet with firm pedals response and a panic free stop. It generates a horsepower of 201hp and 196NM of torque. The fuel economy of the vehicle is satisfactory with a mileage of 42mpg at a speed of 75 miles per hour. It can hit sixty miles per hour in 9.8 seconds which is very vast time that means it is the slowest car of its class and you cannot have the thrill and fun of the drive at higher speeds while it is good for driving in urban areas especially the handling of the cars on bumpy surfaces and speed breakers is perfect for drive in cities.

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What is in Internationally Updated Version of Elantra 2021? :

Standard Model of Elantra have same 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine with CVT Transmission that produces 147 Horse power with 132 lbft of Torque. Whereas the Hybrid Trim has 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine with 43 HP electric motor and combine produces 139 horse power, Hybrid is paired with Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission.

New Elantra have impressive list of standard features including safety and technology; standard features for safety includes; lane keep assist, forward collision warning & high beam, in tech area Apple car play and android auto are made standard.

New Elantra will be available in same trims SE, SEL and Limited with price ranging from $200, 00 to $280,00 in USA and will go on sale from the next year in the 2nd half.

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