When the whole world is struggling hard to fight against global warming and other conditions related environmental changes, China is also playing its role in cleaning up the environment. One of the major cause of air pollution is the CO2 emissions from combustible engines of cars and where many foreign companies are working hard to launch electric cars in nearby future, China is also engaged in the launch of many new electric cars. Chinese automobile companies including Warren Buffet-Backed BYD Co, SAIC Motor Corporation and Geely Automobile Holdings Limited have scooped ninety six percent of the environmental friendly vehicles and SAIC has manufactured more than 300,000 of such vehicles in collaboration with Volkswagen AG and General Motors Company.

China’s policy for promoting electric motors

China has rushed to undo the damage being generated by the pollution and it has introduced its electric cars policy in this regard which states that automobile manufacturers have to build electric cars to cut fuel consumption cars in markets and at least ten electric cars have to be built on manufacture of every hundred fuel combustion engine cars. Government is working very hard on these terms and it was published few days back that the total cars manufactured in China were 22 million in 2018 for which the ratio of electric cars were 17.5 in every hundred cars that was very efficient and more than the foreign manufacturers working in China. Government funds the automobile companies working in the country to launch energy efficient vehicle with a number of around thirty thousand pieces in a year which is equivalent to ten percent of imports of typical cars. This percentage will be increased to twelve percent in 2020. One of the biggest advantage of this policy is the power of Chinese automobile companies in their country. The hold of foreign companies will be reduced in the market and when domestic companies will be providing latest features with lowest prices then economy of the country will flourish. Secondly after the removal of cap on overseas ownership, the foreign companies will be having joint venture with the local companies that will increase the trust and power of the local company in markets. Lastly the local companies will flourish in foreign markets too with latest technology that is the need of the hour and it will increase the foreign exchange of the country. China is the largest country in terms of population and if Chinese people use electric cars instead of combustion engine cars then China can play a major role in fighting against our major problem of pollution. China has set the target for production of electric cars in 2025 up till thirty million.

Electric cars unveiled in China this year

  • Geely Geometry: Geely launched its Geometry on April 11, 2019. It is all electric car without internal combustion engine and capable to drive at a top speed of one hundred and fifty kilometers per hour, powered by 120 kilowatts of battery.

  • Audi Q2 L e-tron: Audi revealed the concept of its electric sports utility car on 15th April in Shanghai auto show and it is expected to launch in 2020 in China. It will be produced in China as China is the giant center for promotion of electric cars.

  • Volkswagen ID ROOMZZ: VW announced the all new electric car ID ROOMZZ concept in the Shanghai auto show and the vehicle is expected to launch Chinese market in 2021 because China is leading this initiative and promotion of electric technology.

  • Infiti Qs inspiration: Nissan owned brand of luxury cars also revealed their concept regarding the Qs inspiration electric car in auto show and the company announced it to be manufactured for Chinese market.

  • Domestic Xpeng P7 coupe: Xpeng also revealed its four doored coupe at auto show which will be launched in last of 2020. Company claims first electric domestic vehicle of such type in China

  • Nio ET: Nio Company also revealed its new electric prototype ‘ET’ which will be high speed car with super charging and it is expected to release seventy units by the end of this year.

  • GAC and BAIC electric vehicles: GAC and BAIC unveiled their electric vehicles that can travel six hundred kilometers in a single charge almost the double of other electric cars and it is expected to launch in 2020.


Electric cars are the need of the hour to cut the emissions coming out from combustion engines. It not only reduces the cost for fuel but also makes your journeys cost cheap. You can now travel to longer distances in a very few amount of money input. You do not have to rush to the gas stations to get the fuel and as the prices of petrol and diesel are also getting very high day by day making journeys on fuel cars to be a bit expensive. It lets your vehicles energy efficient and independent. Electric cars need electricity for their charging and the battery of the motor can be recycled. The electricity can be gained from many renewable resources like sun, water, heat and wind so the cost on electricity can also be reduced when you are generating electricity from renewable sources like solar energy. It will not eliminate CO2 in the environment that is a main reason of ozone layer depletion and greenhouse effect causing global warming. No such emissions are emitted from such vehicles that’s why they are called environmental friendly vehicles and China is playing a major role in introducing such vehicles on a huge scale and making it sure that the future markets will be of electric cars. We can see electric cars running widely on roads in nearby future.