The 4th generation of Suzuki Jimny is intended to be launched in Pakistan with improved features and specifications in coming months, In spite of the fact that the third model of Suzuki Jimny can be seen on the streets of Pakistan.The old generation of Suzuki Jimny was launched at a cost of Rs 26.18 lac.It is said that the old generation of Suzuki Jimmy is overrated when contrasted with the features and luxury it provide.

 Specifications of Suzuki jimny fourth generation:

The Suzuki Jimny fourth generation comprise of a 1.5 Liter k-15B petroleum engine involving 16 valve.The engine capacity of this model is 1462 cc  that generates 6000 rmp@75KW with torque of 130nm@4000rpm. It likewise comprises of 74*85 mm bore and stroke.The model is a 3-door vehicle that has the style of a jeep.It consist of a 3-link rigid axle suspension incorporating a coil, To maintain a superior grip by improving stability and control the best tool used is width rigid suspension.The model consist of solid disc brakes and drum brakes at both front wheels and rear wheels to enhance performance. With the specifications of Suzuki Jimny insights concerning to its weight, dimension and capacity are also disclosed; The Suzuki Jimny has an apparent weight of 1435 kg having 4.9 m turning radius, the measurements of Suzuki Jimny are said to be 3480 mm of length and 720 mm of height. Talking about the sitting and baggage limit the new Suzuki Jimny can accommodate 4 individuals and 377 litre of luggage while having the fuel tank capacity upto 40 liters. As Suzuki Jimny is a off-road automobile ,safety features was the first priority; It provides the driver and passengers with safety belts and provide a safety feature named as brake assist feature that decide the danger of slamming of vehicle into another car from front utilizing two sensor named as monocular camera and laser sensor. While getting data from the sensors the system generates a sound message to the driver if the risk is low however at higher risk the braking force will be increased & apply accordingly. It also incorporates another amazing feature that adjust the lighting beam from Accordingly; high beam and low beam after accessing the lights from other vehicles and lightning environment around while this feature is named as high beam assist. Detecting and then displaying traffic signals on the meter is done using the traffic sign recognition system. Moreover To avoid the rolling of car in hill stations this automobile have a hill hold control as well.

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Exterior of 4th generation Suzuki Jimny:

4th generation Suzuki Jimny exterior resembles to the previous  models launched .The 4th generation model consist of a calm shell bonnet with round shaped head-lumps coordinated with the signals.The front bumper of Suzuki Jimny is a very eye catching part of the model as it gives a solid look.To ease the driving in a dirty condition the model provide washers in the LED headlights.The  fog lights are placed in the front bumper.195/80 R15 is the tyre size of suzuki jimny with an extra tyre placed at the back.

Suzuki Jimny 4th generation Front View

Suzuki Jimny 4th generation Side View

Suzuki Jimny 4th generation Rear View

Suzuki Jimny 4th generation without Luggage

Suzuki Jimny 4th generation with Luggage

Interior of 4th generation Suzuki Jimny:

Suzuki Jimny has astonishing interior in black with instrument cluster in red tone.Its cabin is made more comfortable and wide as compared to the old models.The air vents are made in two different shapes, the central one’s are rectangular in shape while the corner ones are round. For the ease of the driver a number of multimedia controls are provided in the steering of the automobile. It also consist of an usb charging port.

Suzuki Jimny 4th generation interior front cabin view

Suzuki Jimny 4th generation interior full view

Expectations from Suzuki Jimny 4th generation:

No details related to Pricing has yet been unveiled by Suzuki but the customers are expecting that the Pak Suzuki Motor Company will launch this car in Pakistan at fair prices with amazing features in coming months.

Suzuki Jimny Displayed at PAPS 2020 Expo Lahore:

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