Good news to Pakistani community, Another Competitor is ready to arrive in Pakistan with its high quality vehicles. Proton is the famous Malaysian brand and first ever automotive brand of Malaysia as well that will set its plant in Pakistan to assemble to deliver quality products to Pakistanis. Under automotive development policy 2016-2021, Proton has been awarded with Greenfield status by ministry of industries and production via Al-Haj Automotive Pakistan.

In the past Pakistani community was lacking the options and alternatives other than big 3, in Last 3 years with more and more automotive brands coming to Pakistan Community now have more options and more reliable vehicles as well.

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According to details the first ever CKD plant of proton in Karachi Asia will build on 55 acre while the expected initial investment is $30 billion. In the June of 2020 Company will be ready to produce 25,000 units on yearly basis while it will also create 2000 direct and 20000 indirect jobs as well.

First car that is planned to introduce by Al-Haj is Proton Saga which is a 4 doors sedan having engine capacity of 1.3 liters. It will be a mid range car that will complete against Honda city, Toyota Vitz and Suzuki Cults directly.  For now there are no pricing and features details related to proton saga Pakistan available but according to details proton will start selling in second quarter of 2020.

Chairman of proton Syed Faisal Akbar said;

“Pakistan will become proton’s gateway to penetrate other markets while the company is studying to introduce other models in Pakistan as well”