Honda Focus is Shifting from Pure Electric to Gasoline Powered Hybrid Vehicles

Couple of year’s back Honda was started to display electric prototypes just like many other brands but as the time is passing adoption, proposing and development of electric vehicles is not as the world was expecting. During the year of 2019 Honda was displayed a beautiful concept called E after which it was thought that in coming 3-4 years Honda will introduce large number of EV’s Specially for European markets but after a year the statement given by the Boss of Honda change the overall Scenario Related to EV’s.

Takahiro Hachigo Boss of Honda said;

“EV’s will not be the main stream”

Takahiro is not the first that give this statement but many other Big Brands including Japanese “Toyota” Korean “Hyundai” and German “Volkswagen” not just give the statements but already working on different technology which is Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles those are surely not in the favor of EV’s future Moreover recently BMW’s chief was also expressed concerns related to autonomous Technology.

Hachigo further said;

The hurdles to battery electric vehicles and complete autonomous driving are still quite high.

Statement given by Hachigo not denies the importance of electric cars those will surely help in reducing the pollution while he also acknowledge the need of cleaner cars, that is why as per told by Honda’s Boss the main focus of Honda will not be on electric cars instead Honda will focus on gasoline electric Hybrid systems to reduce emissions without losing long range and comprising the time during charging about which he said;

I do not believe there will be dramatic increase in demand for battery vehicles and I believe situation is true globally. There are issues with infrastructure and Hardware. There are different regulations in Different countries, and we have to abide by them. So, it’s a most important to continue research and development but I don’t believe it will become main stream any time soon.

He also ruled out forgoing a partnership with Rival to develop battery powered vehicles.