Suzuki Replaced old Cultus in 2017 with new Hatchback Styled Cultus, As lot of people were waiting for new Model of cultus that is why Suzuki was also assure that new cultus will capture the market but Pakistani Community wasn’t aware that Suzuki will totally change the shape and this is where Suzuki lost millions of Customers.

Suzuki Didn’t able to get lot from new model of cultus as expected even after launching new cultus Suzuki was partnered up with UBER that was Helping Suzuki to sell its cars in 2018.

Despite all of the things there were not may direct competitors to cultus other than Toyota Vitz that is why Suzuki kept increasing prices without making any changes to the car but finally in 2020 Suzuki Forced to add some prominent features in the car Because of the fear from new Arrival BAIC D-20.

New Features offered in 2020 Year Model Includes;

  1.  8 inch capacitative multi touch Screen
  2.  Screen mirroring option
  3. Bluetooth
  4. USB and SD cars slot
  5. Radio
  6. Auxiliary


With the addition of these new features price of Suzuki Cultus has also increased by 10,000 now the new price is

  • Suzuki Cultus VXL: 18, 65,000 PKR
  • Suzuki Cultus AGS: 19, 85,000 PKR

Addition of new features was become more important for Suzuki to stay in the Loop and Competition otherwise new Chinese Automakers could force Suzuki to Run out of Race as done in china where Suzuki Sell all its shares and left the Market.