Aston martin one-77 was the tremendous sports car production by the company, only 77 cars were made at that time and were sold with a price tag more than 1 million Euros, once they were sold, there were to be no more produced and there were to be absolutely no press drives.

In 1987 James bond movie “The Living Daylights a total of 11 cars were used, though only three of which were real drivable vehicles. One was an unmodified Vantage used for filming scenes with Timothy Dalton, the second was a stunt car and the third was dubbed a “special effects car”, complete with missiles and rocket booster. Aside from one other vehicle which was little more than a steerable chassis without an engine, the rest were fibreglass mock-ups produced at Pinewood. At the beginning of the film, the car is first introduced as a V8 Volante (convertible). The car used in these scenes was a Volante owned by Aston Martin Lagonda chairman, Victor Gauntlett. To allow for the transition from the Volante to the hardtop saloons used later in the movie, Q-Branch is shown to have fitted Bond’s Volante with a hardtop (it has been “winterised”). Effectively transforming the Volante into a saloon car for the benefit of the audience.”

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Now after so many years Aston Martin has revealed a supersport car to pay tribute to the original vantage of the 1970s. This jaw-dropping supercar based on one-77 equipped with V12 7.3 litre engine with 90 more horsepower in addition to 760hp. This is a carbon-fibre bodied car that is being crafted by Q division of Aston martin. Its naturally aspirated V12 engine sends power to the rear wheel and is paired with a six-speed manual transmission, the total horsepower engine produces is 848 hp.

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This is not just a re-skinned vehicle but has special suspensions that use inboard springs and dampers from Aston’s track-only Vulcan, adjustable six ways. The colour used to paint its exterior is Pentland green which is much similar to upcoming Rolls Royce Ghost extended versions. The front and rear of the vehicle so uniquely designed that it may not match any other car. The front fascia is more the combination of vulcan’s long sweeping hood and originally vantage’s round headlights part modern, part retro while the rear of the vehicle has built-in Lip spoiler and tail lights inspired by Vulcan.

The name Victor given to the vehicle is the name of the former boss of Aston Martin who was in charge when original vantage made its debut. Only one vehicle has been made for the lucky owner whose name not revealed.