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CROWN Pakistan

2024 Crown Ezee Scooty

  • Sold in Pakistan = 2023-Present
  • Technology = Air Cooled Euro-II Engine

2024 Crown Ezee Scooty Price in Pakistan 

Crown Ezee Scooty 18,7500/- PKR

The Crown Group specializes in the manufacturing of motorcycles, generators, spare parts, and auto rickshaws in Pakistan. The company has established a manufacturing plant that produces a diverse range of bikes, including models with engine capacities of 70cc, 100cc, 125cc, and 150cc. Recognizing the growing demand for electric scooters as an alternative to traditional motorcycles, Crown Motors has recently launched its own electric scooter called the Crown Ezee 70cc scooty. This scooter is available in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions and comes in three color options: black, blue, and red. In recent years, the popularity of scooters, commonly referred to as “scooties” in Pakistan, has been on the rise. Scooters are increasingly being favored as a convenient mode of transportation, particularly among urban commuters and young riders. They have also gained popularity among female riders in the country. Scooters are viewed as a practical and comfortable means of transportation for women, offering them independence and improved mobility.

The Crown Ezee 70cc scooty is particularly suitable for short-distance travel, such as commuting to work, running errands, or navigating through busy city areas. Its step-through design and under-seat storage compartments make it convenient for carrying personal belongings. It competes with other models such as the Super Power Scooty 70cc and United 80cc scooty in the market. One of the key features of the Crown Ezee is its compact size and lightweight construction, making it highly maneuverable in congested city traffic and narrow streets. This characteristic allows riders to navigate through tight spaces and easily maneuver through crowded areas. The lightweight build of the scooter also contributes to improved fuel efficiency and overall ease of handling.

Crown Ezee 70cc Scooty title image
Crown Ezee 70cc Scooty title image

The Crown Group’s foray into electric scooters reflects their commitment to keeping up with the evolving trends and preferences of consumers. By introducing the Crown Ezee 70cc scooty, the company aims to provide an eco-friendly and economical transportation option that meets the needs of urban commuters and riders looking for a convenient mode of travel in Pakistan’s bustling cities.

Engine & Performance:

The Crown Ezee 70cc scooty is equipped with a 70cc engine that provides efficient power and acceleration for navigating through city traffic and maintaining a comfortable cruising speed. It features an automatic transmission, allowing riders to effortlessly switch between gears without the need for manual shifting. The step-through design of the scooty makes it convenient for riders to mount and dismount, adding to its user-friendly nature. Designed for short-distance travel, the Crown Ezee has a top speed of around 70 kilometers per hour and offers a fuel average of approximately 60 kilometers per liter. While it may not match the acceleration of sports motorcycles, it provides sufficient power for daily commuting and cruising on highways. The scooty’s smooth acceleration and respectable top speeds contribute to a pleasant riding experience. One of the standout features of the Crown Ezee is its exceptional handling and maneuverability. Its lightweight construction and well-balanced chassis make it agile and easy to navigate through traffic and tight city streets. Riders appreciate the scooty’s responsive and predictable steering, which enhances control and confidence while riding.

Comfort is a priority for the Crown Ezee, as it typically features well-padded seats, a good suspension system, and an ergonomic design. The scooty aims to provide a comfortable ride, ensuring that riders can enjoy their journeys without experiencing excessive discomfort or fatigue. The suspension system, consisting of front telescopic forks and rear suspension, plays a crucial role in absorbing shocks from uneven road surfaces. This helps enhance rider comfort, stability, and overall handling characteristics. The Crown Ezee is also renowned for its robust build quality and durability. The brand has a reputation for manufacturing scooters with high-quality materials and components, ensuring longevity and reliability. Riders can trust in the scooty’s durability, knowing that it can withstand the demands of daily commuting and regular usage. Furthermore, the Crown Ezee stands out for its fuel efficiency, allowing riders to cover significant distances on a single tank of fuel. This makes it an economical choice, especially for those who frequently travel short distances within the city.

Overall, the Crown Ezee 70cc scooty offers a comfortable and convenient riding experience, with its efficient performance, excellent handling, and durable build quality. It is a reliable option for urban commuters and riders seeking a practical and enjoyable mode of transportation in Pakistan’s bustling cities. The Crown Ezee 70cc scooty offers a variety of braking options, including drum brakes, disc brakes, or a combination of both. Drum brakes are a conventional and cost-effective choice, while disc brakes provide superior braking performance and modulation. Riders can opt for the braking system that suits their preferences and requirements. With a well-engineered and balanced chassis design, the Crown Ezee ensures optimal stability and responsiveness during cornering and maneuvering. The frame construction and weight distribution are carefully optimized to enhance the scooter’s overall handling characteristics. Its low center of gravity further improves stability and agility, allowing riders to confidently navigate corners and maintain control, even at higher speeds.

The scooty’s longer wheelbase adds to its stability and contributes to smoother handling. The extended distance between the front and rear wheels enhances the scooter’s ability to maintain balance and stability, providing a more comfortable and controlled ride experience. The suspension system of the Crown Ezee is designed to absorb shocks and vibrations, ensuring a comfortable ride while maintaining good road contact for improved control. This contributes to a smooth and enjoyable riding experience, even on uneven road surfaces. Equipped with high-quality tires, the Crown Ezee offers excellent grip and traction on various road conditions. The tires are specifically chosen to provide optimal performance, enhancing stability and maneuverability. Riders can confidently navigate through different riding conditions, knowing that their scooter maintains good traction on the road. The Crown Ezee is meticulously designed with rider comfort and ergonomics in mind. The seating position, handlebar placement, and footboard layout are all optimized to provide a natural and relaxed riding posture. This ergonomic design not only enhances rider comfort but also contributes to better control and handling of the scooter. Furthermore, the balanced weight distribution of the Crown Ezee ensures that the scooter responds predictably to rider inputs. By evenly distributing weight throughout the scooter, it maintains stability and agility, allowing riders to confidently maneuver and control the scooter in various riding situations.

Overall, the Crown Ezee 70cc scooty combines advanced engineering and thoughtful design to deliver exceptional handling, stability, and comfort. It is built to provide riders with a smooth and enjoyable riding experience, making it an excellent choice for urban commuters and those seeking a practical and reliable mode of transportation.

Exterior Design & Build Quality:

The Crown Ezee 70cc scooty is designed with a stylish and practical exterior. It often features a step-through design that allows for easy mounting and dismounting, providing convenience for riders of all ages and genders. The flat platform between the rider’s legs offers ample space to comfortably place their feet while riding. The body panels of the Crown Ezee are meticulously crafted to create a streamlined and aerodynamic shape. This design not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the scooter but also reduces air resistance, resulting in improved efficiency and performance. The panels seamlessly integrate with one another, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing appearance. The front end of the scooter typically includes a front apron that houses the headlight assembly and turn indicators. These elements not only provide adequate illumination but also contribute to the scooter’s distinctive and modern look. The mirrors are strategically positioned to provide a clear view of the surroundings, enhancing safety while riding.

At the rear, the Crown Ezee features a taillight that ensures visibility to other road users, promoting safety during nighttime riding. The rear section of the scooter is designed with attention to detail, often incorporating stylish elements that add to its overall appeal. The Crown Ezee places a strong emphasis on high build quality and attention to detail. The materials used in its construction are of excellent quality, ensuring durability and longevity. The precise fit and finish of the scooter’s body panels reflect the brand’s commitment to delivering a superior product. The paintwork is carefully applied, resulting in a smooth and glossy finish that enhances the scooter’s visual allure. The Crown Group has established a strong legacy in scooter production, and its commitment to excellence is evident in the Crown Ezee’s design and construction. The scooty is available in a range of attractive colors, including red, blue, and black, allowing riders to choose the one that best suits their personal style and preferences.

Overall, the Crown Ezee 70cc scooty offers a combination of style, practicality, and durability. Its attention to detail, high-quality materials, and sleek design make it an appealing choice for riders looking for a reliable and visually appealing scooter.

User Reviews:

The Crown Ezee 70cc scooty is gradually gaining popularity on the roads of Pakistan, as the trend of scooters continues to rise in the country. While it may not be as commonly seen as some other scooter brands, there is an expectation that the number of Crown scooters on the roads will increase in the coming years. One of the key factors contributing to the popularity of the Crown Ezee is its practicality. Users appreciate its functionality and find it well-suited for their daily commuting needs. In particular, the scooter has garnered a strong following among female riders, who find it convenient and comfortable to navigate through busy city streets. The Crown Ezee’s easy handling is another aspect that users admire. Its lightweight construction and maneuverability make it agile and responsive, allowing riders to navigate congested traffic with ease. This feature adds to the overall convenience and user-friendly nature of the scooter.

Fuel efficiency is a crucial consideration for many riders, and the Crown Ezee delivers satisfactory fuel economy. Users appreciate its ability to cover significant distances on a single tank of fuel, making it an economical option for daily commuting and running errands around the city. While the resale value of the Crown Ezee may not be exceptionally high compared to some well-established brands, it is important to note that the scooter’s availability of spare parts is relatively easy. Crown Motors has established a dealership network that ensures customers can easily access genuine spare parts and get them installed by authorized service centers. This accessibility of spare parts adds to the convenience of owning and maintaining a Crown Ezee scooter.

Overall, while the Crown Ezee may not be as widely seen on the roads as some other scooter brands in Pakistan, it offers practicality, ease of handling, satisfactory fuel efficiency, and accessibility to spare parts. These factors contribute to its appeal among riders, particularly female riders, who value its practicality and reliability for their daily commuting needs. With the growing popularity of scooters in Pakistan, it is likely that the Crown Ezee will become more prevalent on the roads in the future.

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