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Hi Speed Alpha SR 100 Pakistan

2023 Hi-Speed Alpha SR 100 cc

  • Sold in Pakistan = 2023-Present
  • Technology = 4 Stroke, Air Cooled, overhead camshaft, horizontally inclined

2023 Hi Speed Alpha SR 100cc Price in Pakistan 

Hi Speed Alpha SR 100 cc 137,500 PKR
Hi Speed SR 100 cc Standard Yet to Confirm

Raazy Motorcycles, based in Lahore, Pakistan, and was established in 2004, offers a range of motorcycles that cater to different market segments, including commuters, sports enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. The company aims to provide its customers with affordable, reliable, high-quality motorcycles. It offers 70cc, 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 200cc motorbikes and has a large customer market. We will discuss the HI Speed Alpha SR 100cc in detail today. The Raazy Hi-Speed Alpha SR 100cc motorcycle is one of the popular models offered by Raazy Motors in Pakistan. It is a budget-friendly motorcycle designed for daily commuting and general-purpose use. The Hi-Speed Alpha SR 100cc motorcycle has a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that produces 7.0 hp power. The motorbike offers a 4-speed manual transmission. The Hi-Speed 100cc offers a digital speedometer, a fuel gauge, and an electric starter. It also features a sleek and aerodynamic design with a sporty look. The Raazy Hi-Speed Alpha SR 100cc motorcycle is a reliable and affordable option for those looking for a basic motorcycle for daily commuting and general-purpose use. Raazy Motors Private Limited has released an updated version of the Hi-Speed SR 100cc with new graphics that look attractive. The latest Hi-Speed Alpha SR 100cc is exported to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. It is considered one of the best bikes for daily commutes and is fit for family use. It has an average resale value, but the maintenance of the bike is convenient as its spare parts are available readily all over the country. Customers can book their Hi-Speed SR 100cc at any dealership network of Raazy Motors throughout the country.

Hi Speed Alpha SR 100 cc Motorcycle side and rear view
Hi Speed Alpha SR 100 cc Motorcycle side and rear view

Engine & Performance:

The Hi-Speed SR 100cc motorcycle offers a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The engine has a displacement of 97cc and is air-cooled. It produces a maximum power of 7.0 horsepower at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 6.5 Nm at 5500 rpm. The engine offers a four-speed manual transmission operated through a clutch lever. The transmission allows for smooth gear shifts and efficient power transfer. The motorcycle has a chain drive system, a kick start technology, and electric starter technology. The kick-start system also works efficiently. It starts the engine without wasting your time in traffic. The Hi-Speed 100cc comes with front and rear drum brakes that provide adequate stopping power. The motorcycle also features a telescopic front fork and a rear swingarm suspension system that provides a comfortable ride. The Hi-Speed 100cc is designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency, with a reported fuel consumption of up to 40-50 kilometers per liter, and has a fuel tank capacity of nine liters. The Raazy Hi-Speed 100cc offers decent class performance and fuel efficiency, making it a practical choice for daily commuting and general-purpose use. The alloy wheels and tubeless tires in Hi-Speed SR 100cc offer better grip and stability than traditional spoked wheels and tires. The Hi-Speed SR 100cc has a curb weight of approximately 94 kilograms, making it easy to handle and manoeuvre in traffic. The seat height is sufficient to provide maximum comfort to the riders so they can ride the bike comfortably and rest their feet on the road when stopping at signals.

Exterior Design & Build Quality:

The Hi-Speed Alpha 100cc engine is known for its reliability and durability. The Hi-Speed Alpha SR 100cc is built with quality materials and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The motorcycle comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, which provides customers with additional peace of mind. It has an overall length of 2000 millimeters, a width of 760 millimeters, and a height of 1100 millimeters. It has a ground clearance of 140 millimeters. It is available in red and black exterior colour options. The Hi-Speed 100cc motorcycle features a simple and functional design meant to appeal to budget-conscious consumers who prioritize functionality and affordability over flashy aesthetics. Here are some of the notable design features of the Hi-Speed Alpha 100cc. The motorcycle has a minimalist design with a simple, sleek body. The Hi-Speed 100cc features a round headlight with a chrome ring that adds a touch of retro style to the bike’s overall design. The motorcycle has a small, circular taillight integrated into the rear fender. The Hi-Speed 100cc has a fuel tank with a capacity of 9.5 liters that is designed to provide sufficient range for daily commuting. The motorcycle features a comfortable, single-piece seat designed to accommodate both the rider and the passenger. The Hi-Speed 100cc features minimal graphics that accentuate the simplicity of the bike’s overall design.

User Reviews:

The Hi-Speed 100cc has received mixed feedback from customers. Some customers have praised the motorcycle’s reliability, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs, while others have criticized the build quality, performance, and handling. They love it because it is one of the most affordable motorcycles in its class, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. It provides excellent fuel efficiency, and Many customers have praised the Hi-Speed 100cc for its low maintenance costs, which makes it a practical choice for daily commuting. Some customers have criticized the Hi-Speed Alpha 100cc for its build quality, noting that it feels flimsy and lacks durability. Few customers have reported that the Hi-Speed 100cc struggles to reach high speeds and lacks power, particularly when climbing hills. Few customers have criticized the motorcycle’s handling, noting that the suspension is too stiff and the brakes lack sufficient stopping ability. Overall, user reviews suggest that the Hi-Speed 100cc is a practical and affordable motorcycle designed for daily commuting and general-purpose use. However, some customers have reported build quality, performance, and handling issues.

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Hi Speed Alpha SR 100 cc Motorcycle specs and all features view
Hi Speed Alpha SR 100 cc Motorcycle specs and all features view

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