Tesla UN doubtfully overtake the market in a nice consistent manner even after many years of progress in electric cars there hasn’t been appeared any direct most quality competitor. Recently some well known Germans like Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche has come up with their Electric Vehicles those are surely a nice choice but could not be considered as direct alternative to Tesla yet because of their high pricing, Low Driving range & slow Charging Speeds. Many of the new automakers are also claiming to be the confirmed alternative to Tesla but practically none of the new automaker achieved it yet.

From the last couple of years a new Electric Vehicle brand is making statements and is ready to break the monopoly in the electric market with its car called Lucid Air. As all the new and upcoming brands are trying to copy the pioneer Tesla for their Electric cars not only in terms of technology but in terms of design as well but at the same time Lucid air is about to claim original designed and legitimate alternative to the Tesla for which peter Rawlinson CEO and CTO of lucid motors said;

“Our mission is to deliver sustainable luxury with a class leading range in the form of the lucid air, and we are closer than ever to turning that dream into reality”

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Auto show of New York has been shifted online because of corona pandemic that is why the revelation of  lucid air will also be done accordingly but even before the auto show and revelation of Lucid air Malaise could easily be observed in old and New automakers because the company has claimed the EPA range of 517 Miles (832.08km) and none of the vehicle has achieved this range even Tesla as well, Moreover the charging capabilities lucid claim to offer are also high which according to company charge 20 miles (32.19 km) per minutes and 300 miles (482.8km) in just 20 minutes. Recently Volkswagen has revealed and launched the ID.3 vehicle which sets the new record of 531 km’s on full charge while hypermillig that clearly shows that if lucid air really provided 832.08km of range on single charge than there is high possibility of sudden shift to Lucid air cars instead of Tesla and Achieving 832.08 km of range for other automakers will be a tough job.

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Eric Bach, VP of Hardware engineering Lucid Motors said; “We designed every aspect of the lucid air and its platform in-house to be hyper efficient, from the power train to the aerodynamics, and we have set several new benchmarks. With our ultra high voltage 900v+ electric architecture and the proprietary wonder box, we have significantly increased the speed of energy getting into, around, and even out of the vehicle, delivering the world’s fastest charging EV packed with future ready charging features”

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Lucid air Team says; “An onboard virtual assistant tracks usage patterns and preferences, integrating seamlessly with your digital life. Everything is tuned to your liking, from cueing up your favorite music to setting the perfect temperature for your arrival home”

Design Language of Lucid air is quite Unique and have all the capabilities to be a new Trend setter and overtake the pioneer Tesla. Key features, driving range and charging speed make it even a stronger contender and competitor for Old well known automakers like Germans and Japanese. Chinese market is one of the biggest electric markets in the world where in 2019 Registration of Tesla increased by 161 percent from 16,360 to 42,715 that is lot but as per reports the Chinese position of Tesla is expected to even improve in coming years but with revelation of Lucid air these numbers can drop significantly.