Starts at: 23,8400 YUAN
Review 2022
BYD Tang PHEV China

2022 BYD Tang PHEV

  • Sold in the China: 2015-Present
  • 2nd Generation

2022 BYD Tang PHEV Price in China:

5-seat smart-connection creation and enjoyment  26,3400 YUAN
5 Zhilian Innovation Leaders 28,3400 YUAN
6-seat Zhilian Creation and Enjoyment 26,8400 YUAN
6 Zhilian Innovation Leaders 28,8400 YUAN
7-seater four-wheel drive premium 23,8400 YUAN
7 Zhilian Chuangrui 25,8400 YUAN
7-seat Intelligent Connectivity Creation and Enjoyment 26,8400 YUAN
7 Zhilian Innovation Leaders 28,8400 YUAN
7 Zhilian Creation Edition 33,8400 YUAN
7-seat pilot version 27,9900 YUAN

BYD China introduced its Tang in 2014 as a plug-in hybrid SUV at Beijing Auto Show and now BYD has started the sale of the all-electric version of Tang as BYD has introduced many new electric cars in the market. The second generation of Tang PHEV was launched in 2018 which became a top-selling car very soon with sales of seven thousand units in January 2019. The second generation of BYD Tang PHEV is a dual-mode hybrid SUV which means it gives you the option of both pure electric mode and the hybrid electric mode which will deliver power through a petrol engine and lithium iron phosphate battery.

2020 BYD Tang PHEV Title Image
BYD Tang PHEV Title Image

It is a four-wheel-drive car that is based on the concept of BYD S7 and assembled in Shaanxi, China. The price of Tang PHEV is kept very affordable in China as the government has given incentives to the public to promote the sales of electric cars in the country to make the environment human-friendly to live. It has also started its export in the United States, parts of Europe, and Asia too. It is offered in different packages among which the ultimate addition package is the most VIP trim priced at 518,800 yuan and equipped with maximum features.

Drive train & Performance:

BYD Tang PHEV is also known as Tang DM represents its dual-mode hybrid technology and it is powered by two liters turbocharged engine generating a horsepower of 205 hp and torque of 320 Nm while the petrol engine is coupled with eighteen kilowatt-hours lithium iron phosphate battery driving an electric motor that generates a horsepower of 105 hp and torque of 250 Nm. It has the ability to hit a hundred kilometers per hour in 4.3 seconds with a top speed of 113 kilometers per hour. The electric model has a range of eighty kilometers and the battery can be charged to eight percent in just thirty minutes.

Driving & Range:

 It offers the all-wheels driving option to the drivers that let them drive in every type of road condition and provides you with maximum comfort and ease. There will be an option of two electric motors to be chosen that can either be an 18kwh battery giving us an average range of eighty-one kilometers and a twenty-four-kilowatt-hour battery giving us the range of hundred kilometers. Front engine and all-wheel drive offer you a fast and smooth six-speed automatic transmission provided by Macpherson strut suspension on the front axle and multi-link suspension on the rear axle.

Driving modes:

BYD Tang PHEV delivers you with wonderful driving performance and gives you the option of 4 driving modes that can be selected as per your requirements. These driving modes include:

  • Pure electric driving mode: this mode will use the rear electric motor to deliver power to the rear wheels.
  • Maximum power driving mode: This mode delivers maximum power to run the car by using the front motor and petrol engine to run the front wheels and the rear wheels are powered by a rear electric motor to give you maximum driving performance.
  • Range Extender driving mode: this mode can be selected when you need electric power only to run the car and the petrol engine can be switched on whenever it is required.
  • Hybrid driving mode: this driving mode does not use a rear electric motor but only uses a petrol engine coupled with an electric motor at the front.

Exterior, Interior Design & Features:

BYD Tang PHEV is 4815 millimeters in length, 1855 millimeters in width, 1720 millimeters in height with a wheelbase of 2720 millimeters, and ground clearance of 180 millimeters. It is a four-door car with a seating capacity of five persons. The HID Xenon headlights are featured with LED daytime running lights and the front fog lights to provide you with a clear vision drive.

2020 BYD Tang PHEV Title Image
BYD Tang PHEV Title Image

2020 BYD Tang PHEV front view
BYD Tang PHEV front view

2020 BYD Tang PHEV side View

2020 BYD Tang PHEV Rear View
BYD Tang PHEV Rear View

 The panoramic sunroof is given as standard while front and rear windows are heated and power controlled.

2020 BYD Tang PHEV Panoramic View
BYD Tang PHEV Panoramic View

The Interior cabin is furnished with comfortable seating and heated power leather-covered seats. A 10.2 inches touch screen compatible with Bluetooth, USB, Auxiliary, and smartphone interface provides you infotainment while the cabin is also equipped with power door locks, power steering, nine speakers, cruise control, dual front airbags, anti-theft system, 360-degree camera, anti-lock braking system, rear window defroster, and front and back parking sensors.

2020 BYD Tang PHEV full inside view with 5 seats
BYD Tang PHEV full inside view with 5 seats

2020 BYD Tang PHEV full inside view with 7 seats
BYD Tang PHEV full inside view with 7 seats

Major Competitors:

Major competitors of BYD Tang PHEV include Qin Pro PHEV, BYD Max PHEV, BYD E5, BYD E6

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