35-78 Lac PKR
Review 2023
Toyota Corolla Axio Pakistan

   2023 Toyota Axio Hybrid

  • Sold in Pakistan = 2015-Present (As Import Model)
  • 1st Generation Facelifted 
  • Price in Pakistan = 35-78 Lac PKR (As Per Condition & Model)

Toyota Axio Hybrid (E160) was introduced in 2013, although the simpler gasoline version was introduced a year before in 2012. Toyota Axio Hybrid with its arrival in the Japanese Automotive market was clearly a good consideration while shopping for a compact sedan car. Toyota Axio Hybrid is based on Toyota’s B platform and it shares many of the engine and other mechanical functions with its siblings in the family. Toyota Axio Hybrid comes with the same engine and transmission as the Toyota Aqua and Fielder. Toyota Axio Hybrid henceforth is one of the considerable vehicles in the market when shopping in the budget range. 

Trims and Packages: 

Toyota Axio Hybrid comes in three different packages namely X, G, and Luxel. While all three trims share the same engine and performance figures the difference lies in the features and options. 

X Trim: 

X trim is the most basic trim Toyota Axio Hybrid comes in. X variant comes with the standard key and simple wheels and some other basic features such as non-leather seats. Seats may differ depending upon the later years of Axio Hybrid. 

G Trim: 

G trim stands as a decent trim in Toyota Axio Hybrid. G trim offers keyless entry and push-button start along with Alloy wheels. In addition, it comes with a two-tone interior and some other added accessories to it. There is an optional feature of Heated Seats available in the G-Trim 

Luxel Trim: 

As the name indicates, Luxel qualifies as the top-of-the-line trim for Toyota Axio Hybrid. Luxel comes with all options such as leather seats with heated functionality along with some more accessories and a range of two-tone interiors. Overall the Luxel trim stands above both X and G and features can vary depending on the year. 

Engine Transmission & Performance: 

When buying a compact sedan, engine and performance is rather not the necessary concern of the consumer but it sure does help to push in the process of the car buying decision. Toyota Axio Hybrid comes with a Hybrid 1.5L 1NZ-FXE I4 engine. The engine is married to a CVT transmission. To put it this way, the normal Corolla Sedan manufactured for Thailand and the Asian market, in general, is 1.3L, thus criticized to be underpowered with all that heavy body and little engine. To put it in perspective, Toyota Axio Hybrid with its 1.5L engine gives a much greater throttle response as compared to its siblings such as E179 Sedan. 

Toyota Axio Hybrid is powered at a maximum number of 99HP @ 5000 RPM. It runs a petrol fuel setup combined with its Hybrid motors to achieve that target. 

Facelift on Toyota Axio Hybrid: 

During the year 2015, Toyota decided to announce an update for the Axio Hybrid by introducing the facelift versions in Japan. The facelift featured a revised design of front headlights along with LED projection lights and an updated front grille. In addition, the Axio Hybrid received updates on the front fenders, and front bumper, and revision in the rear tail lamps. Toyota Safety Sense system was also installed for collision avoidance system. 

Exterior Photos:

Toyota Axio 2019 front View

Toyota Axio 2019 Side View

Toyota Axio 2019 Rear View

Features in Toyota Axio Hybrid:

Just like any other Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicle, Axio has some features put up into its sleeve that make it a decent vehicle for the price it comes in. Let’s take a look at some of these features. 

Digital Climate Control:

 Yes, finally you get rid of turning the infamous knobs like you still do in the E170 sedans, for changing the climate control inside the cabin. 

Traction Control and Airbags: 

Axio comes with standard traction control for better stability and control. The traction control can be turned ON/OFF depending on the need. As for safety measures, Airbags are the most important factor that increases the chance of survival in case of an unfortunate incident such as an accident or rollover. Therefore the Axio comes with standard 8 airbags fitted at the front and sides. 

Stability and Control: 

While it may not seem that Axio Hybrid is a stable vehicle when you take a first look, the wheels, and tires look small. Contrary to this, Toyota Axio Hybrid feels very stable during the drive at low and high speeds. Along with that, Toyota’s Collision Avoidance System also works as a safety measure reducing the risks on the road. 

Interior Photos:

Toyota Axio 2019 Front Cabin View

Toyota Axio 2019 Front Seats

Toyota Axio 2019 Rear Seats

Fuel Economy and Pricing: 

Toyota Axio Hybrid in the real-world claims an average of 21-22 kmp/l in the city drive whereas it goes up to 25-27 kmp/l on the highway. According to Pakistan’s market, the Axio Hybrid costs about 35-78 lac PKR  lac PKR.  This price range in the local market gets you an automatic GLI in the E170 Sedan which clearly is the underpowered 1.3L version of Corolla therefore Axio combined with a bigger engine better options and features is the clear winner. 

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