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JAC 6E China

JAC ES2 IEV E Series | 6E 

  • Sold in China = 2016-Present
  • Generation = 1st Facelift (2020-Present)
  • 2022 JAC ES2 EV price in China = 119,500 YUAN

 JAC Motors has been producing electric motors under the series called IEV since 2016. All the electric vehicles are manufactured on the same platform as the JAC Yueyue. The first model introduced in the IEV E series was IEV 6E. It was launched in 2019, and it is available in two versions, either petrol or electric power train. The concept car of JAC IEV 6E was introduced in 2017 at the Beijing Auto show. Some of the other IEV vehicles of JAC Motors include JAC IEV5, JAC IEV 6S, JAC IEV 7S, and IEV 7 Sedan. The JAC IEV 6E offers single-speed transmission and a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. It offers front-wheel-drive only. The JAC IEV 6E is known as JAC IEV 20 for the Brazilian market, and its sales started in 2020. It is different from the Chinese IEV 6E because it does not come with a leak detection sensor that is active up to 25 kilometers per hour. It is also imported in Mexico since April 2020, and there it is known as JAC ES 2. However, its features are similar to the Brazilian JAC IEV 6E. In addition, there is a restyled version of JAC IEV 6E in China. It is named Sehol E10X and has a restyled bumper and grille. We will discuss the features and specs of the JAC IEV /ES2 Chinese version in detail today.

JAC IEV 6E S2 Electric Hatchback 1st generation title image
JAC IEV 6E S2 Electric Hatchback 1st generation title image

Trims & Variants (2016-2020):

It is available in the following variants:

  • JAC IEV 6E Sports Edition
  • JAC IEV 6E Youth Edition
  • JAC IEV 6E Tribute

The JAC IEV 6E Sports Edition is an all-electric 5-door car that offers 301 kilometers of NEDC range. The Youth Edition gives an NEDC range of 302 kilometers, and the Tribute variant offers an NEDC range of 255 kilometers. Power generation is also different in all the variants available.

From 2020 to onward it is been sold under the name of ES2 with a facelift.

Powertrain (2016-2020):

The JAC IEV 6E Tribute has an electric motor run by a 29.2 kWh battery and produces a maximum power of 55 kW (74 Horsepower) and torque of 122 lb-ft. The Youth Edition of JAC IEV 6E has a battery of 34.9 kWh and delivers the power of (74 Horse Power) and torque of 165 Nm. The JAC IEV 6E Sports Edition is an all-electric car run by an electric motor and equipped with a 34.9 kWh of lithium-ion battery. It produces a power of 50 kW (67 Horsepower) and torque of 159 lb-ft. All the variants come with a single-speed transmission with a gear ratio of 6.396.

Powertrain (2020-Present):

JAC IEV 2S has an electric motor backed by a 40 kWh battery pack that generates 116 Horsepower with a maximum torque of 270nm. The top Speed of JAC ES2 EV is 130 km/h while it takes 4.5 seconds to accelerate from 0-60 kilometers per hour. The NEDC Range of ES2 is 300 km with a 40 kWh battery pack which can reach up to 350 km if driven at 60 km/h speed. It takes 7 hours to charge with a slow charger at home from 15-100 percent while with a fast charger it takes not more than an hour to charge 30-80 percent.

Performance & Drive:

The driving dynamics of JAC IEV 6E are excellent. The compulsion of production of all-electric cars by the Chinese government has led all the automobile companies in China to manufacture electric vehicles, and it has brought a revolution in the Chinese automobile market. Electric cars deliver efficient performance and play an essential role in reducing fuel consumption and environmental pollution. The performance of the JAC IEV 6E is impressive, and its permanent magnet synchronous electric motor is run by a 40 kWh of lithium-ion battery. The battery can be charged conveniently by fast DC chargers, and it takes around 40 minutes to charge from 30 percent to 80 percent. The JAC IEV E6 gives a mileage of 40 kilometers with a ten-minute fast charging of the battery. The single-speed transmission delivers smooth performance and provides a maximum speed of 102 kilometers per hour. The off-the-line acceleration can be improved with lower gear options, and the driver does not need to change the gears as the single gear moves the car at all speeds. The electric motor creates no noise, and you can drive the car smoothly without the hassle of engine noise and discomfort to the passengers. The steering wheel is light-weighted and gives confident control to the driver so he can turn the car quickly and the small size of the vehicle lets you park the car in tight spaces. The acceleration of JAC IEV E6 is not bad, and it takes 5.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 50 kilometers per hour, and the car accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 18 seconds. It comes with 3-driving modes: Log distance mode, economy mode, and standard mode. The Long-distance L mode is selected when going on highways on long-distance journeys, it works according to speed and distance in the best economy. In contrast, the standard driving mode is best for the everyday drive, and the Economy mode is an energy-efficient driving mode that drives the car on moderate energy. The JAC IEV E6 comes with an E-pedal brake function that has an energy recovery function and enhances the battery percentage. The brakes are efficient and apply smoothly, while the suspension system is also well-tuned, providing smooth ride quality over breakers. The 20 kWh of the battery gives an electric NEDC range of 156 kilometers, while the 34.9 kWh of the storm gives an electric NEDC range of 310 kilometers.

Exterior Design & Features:

The JAC IEV E6 is a small hatchback with a total length of 3630 millimeters, a width of 1670 millimeters, and a height of 1475 millimeters. The 125 millimeters of ground clearance is good enough to make it a suitable car for a city street. The front has a unique design with an absence of a false grille and having a dominating JAC signature embedded in the center, while two almond-shaped LED headlights are on its sides. Two fog lights are positioned on the lower side, and the rear is almost identical to the typical hatchbacks. The JAC IEV 6E comes with 15-inches wheels that look equally beautiful.

Interior Design & Features:

The interior of the JAC IEV E6 is simple yet stylish, with fabric upholstery in the base variants. The quality of materials used inside the JAC IEV E6 is high, and it has focused on giving maximum comfort to the passengers. The steering wheel has a heating function, and the dashboard layout is elegant. There is a 7-inches touch screen mounted on the dashboard that gives you infotainment. The infotainment system comes with Baidu Carlife mobile internet and gives you an intelligent navigation system. It is a five-door hatchback, giving seating capacity for five adults, and the cargo area is spacious to carry two to three luggage bags. The cargo area can be enhanced when rear seats are folded. Some of the features given in the cabin include multimedia audio, Bluetooth connection, and voice control, Reversing visual of a rearview camera, air-conditioning, keyless entry, push-start button, and maintenance reminder.

Safety & Features

Some of the safety features of JAC IEV E6 are as follows:

  • Front airbags.
  • Child locks.
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Rearview camera
  • Electronic Stability Program
JAC IEV 6E S2 Electric Hatchback 1st generation strong body structure
JAC IEV 6E S2 Electric Hatchback 1st generation strong body structure

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